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Friday, February 15, 2013

Hellooo !
I'm back here again blogging about my China Trip Haul :)
for most of you, once you hear the word "China" , you might think of cheap stuff that are "MADE IN CHINA" but hell no I'm buying those things hahah !
I went to the capital city there which is Beijing, its almost like KL but bigger.
the city is filled with malls, and I mean HUGE malls !
you can't exactly see any "non-branded" shops in it I mean its the city right?
there's no way that they could put in any cheapskate shops in any of the malls since almost all the malls are high-end~
But I'm pretty glad they have the middle end brands like H&M, Forever 21 etc etc..
so for this time, I bought not much unlike bangkok~ haha

So I'll categories all the things that I had bought in shops first so its easier for photography aswell~
mostly clothings lar I would say.
first off, me and my mom took the subway to "wang fu jing" its like a big street without allowing any vehicles to enter, its something like bintang walk but much much bigger~
and we were shopping in this mall, we found forever 21 there so we got a few things.
Light coloured denim jacket
Hot peach coloured peplum skirt
White & gold heart shaped bracelet 

from the same mall, I was thrilled to see Birkenstock !
so I got a pair of them there since Penang's Birkenstock NEVER have neither the design I like nor my size.
but abit more exensive lor...wth.
its 599RMB which is approximately our 300MYR. -.-
here only 260++ leh..nvm lar~ haha

and from the same street, "wang fu jing" but different mall,
we bought 2 clothings from Vero Moda~
damnnn...their clothings all damn nice BUT quite pricey, so we only got 2.

Green sequined colar long sleeves
lace colar long sleeves

I bought it for the sake of the colar.
From the same mall,
We spotted Juicy Couture on sale !
Hot Pink Tracksuit
Light pink rose gold watch

Than in Raffles Mall,
shopped in H&M~ and bought some basics.
Light mint green cardigan
Light mint green singlet top
Black singlet dress

also from H&M
pastel peplum chiffon top 
pastel plastic small pouch
pastel unicorn chiffon top

from Victoria Secrets
Body mist-Love is heavenly
Cheetah purse
PINK tee's

And than we went to this random underground mall with cheaper stuff~
Denim floral shorts
Pink Aztec shorts
Suede skirt

I am LOVINGGGG this shorts !! ♥

there are still afew clothings but I kinda wore them already and they are currently in the washing machine getting a bath.
so I didn't exactly snap shots of them coz I totally forgotten ><
so anyways, its still counted as Chinese New Year now although many people had started working already,
But its better late than never, so...
haha :D
hope everyone of you will have a good 2013 year ♥
signing off !
goodnight readers ;)

midnight zombie blogger 

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