China Trip NO.2

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So if you had already read this blog post,
or read my facebook replies, 
or twitter updates..
you would know that I'm finally back from Beijing ! 

yes I know I'm the shittiest blogger at the moment in the list of the bloggers you readers had followed, 
because of my lack of updates, 
and this time even worse, I left my blog empty for approximately 3 effing weeks O.O

it ain't completely my fault because China is really protective about their people somehow since they have the largest amount of population so far, 
so to prevent racism or unwanted conflicts, 
they blocked most of the social sites from other countries~
the only few websites that are available are mostly created by China themselves~
I couldn't use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and even Blogger. 
But I still receive notifications from my phone from all these websites whenever somebody updates me, 
just that I couldn't view it~

I promised you guys on insta that I will update once I'm back and I'm doing it now, 
I'm also arranging my haul post, sponsorship post, & new batch about my online boutique [ UH-OH ] ;)

Back to my main topic, 
I'm not that patient when it comes to uploading pictures from camera because the size of the pictures are mostly much more bigger than phone taken pics, 
so the uploading time takes longer, 
soooo....if my internet speed isn't too slow today, 
you guys are lucky to see more photos from the trip, 
but if it fucks up.... you guys get the idea ;)

I'm just gonna make a short summary for the whole trip, 
This is actually my second time travelling in China as my dearest daddy is currently working there~
and both times that I've went there are winter times !
we stayed in the hotel daddy works in, which is Sheraton Beijing, 
it is 1 of the oldest 5 star hotels alive there~
Look at the snowwwww!
makes the wordings so Christmassy ;D

We are always very lucky, because we came to china during winter twice, and whenever we came,
it will snow there !
Super prettyyyyyy!

I'm a lioness ! :D hahaha
Me playing with the snowwww 

Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese :)

Floor white white :) 

Everybody ! 
Meet mama wong & papa wong ! 

So fat arrrrr when wearing the winter clothing ! 
photoshop oso won't help ! ><

we went shopping alot aswell, 
I will be doing a haul about it soon :) 
can't exactly say its a CNY haul cause I also did some new year shopping in KL with hubby~
When in Sanlitun mall ! 

Look ! the waterfall at the back freezed !! 

We went alot alot of shopping places but there's really no point writing and posting them here since I'll be writing them in another post~
we also went to this temple that the emperor in the olden days go for praying
and it has been said that there's this stage that's "feng shui" is nearest to heaven~
so we went to have a visit during Chor yat ;) 

the garden :)

the old dry river~ 
now filled with dry grass ><

loving the lighting ! :D

To be honest, what I do everyday in China for 3 long weeks, is, 
Wake up, shower, room service, watch taiwan drama online, nap, dinner, sleep at late night at least 3am. 
so I have pretty much nothing to post about,
but than of course, I don't only do this for 3 weeks lar,
Went out for a walk some day too hahaha I'm not that lazy ><

for the past trip blog post's link are all down here :

Stay tuned for my upcoming boutique new batch updates, haul, sponsorship post & a requested post ;)
nights guys 

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