Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sponsored post. 

Ever had problems with looking for the right outfit for a dinner date with your beloved boyfriend? 
or couldn't find the right sexy look for a night out with your girls? 
Jonquilkiss has every piece you need !
from sweet look, to formal dressing, to sexy party look, 
they have every kind of look that you're looking for 

Jonquilkiss is online boutique that had started in the year 2011. The founder of this online shop is Kimmie Goh, Amber Goh & their beloved mother, 3 of them run the online shop. The reason why they started this online shop is  simply because how much they love fashion and would love to share it with the people around them. Bringing in varieties of clothes from casual to party dresses. 

They hand picked all the clothes and styled it up as how they would personally wear the clothes, to give their customers ideas on how to wear the clothes they have purchase. 

As it is a family business, they do all the styling, photographs, modeling, and editing themselves. 

They live by the motto, you are what you wear. 

For the first time ever, I had got sponsored clothings by them and I am superrrrrr HAPPY with the quality as well as the cuttings ! 
I had never received such good quality clothings from online boutiques to be honest, because the materials are mostly thin and quite see through which isn't to my liking~
but the materials from Jonquilkiss are definitely different ! 
Even if its thin and quite see through, they also provide us another layer of patty-coat to prevent it from being too translosen ~

Alright! pictures time !!
Clothings are all sponsored by Jonquilkiss 

B&W Peplum Top with pearls from Jonquilkiss. 
tight skirt from H&M 

Light Green dinner dress from Jonquilkiss. 

Remember this maxi?? haha

I wore it to Shilyne's birthday dinner last week also featured in last blog post ! :)

So proud to say that none of the photos are photoshoped above :P
diet plan worked a lil bit hahaha ! 

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