Yadah Review

Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Hellooooo peeps ! I will be doing a review for the brand new Korean beauty brand Yadah with courtesy of Hermo
I know it took me quite a while to write this blog post its because I need at lease a week to try out the whole trial set of Yadah products than I can only do a proper review for you guys ! :D

thanks to Hermo,
I received a package with the cutest illustrating on it!!!

 there are many products in the little plastic casing 
1. Anti-T Toner 
2. Anti-T emulsion
3. Vitamin Toner 
4. Vitamin emulsion
5. Brightening ampoule 
6. Brightening Mask Pack
7. Cleansing Nose pack
8. Sun cream SPF40 PA++ 
9. Angel BB cream SPF20 PA++

9 products ! thats why it took me so long hahah~
in this post, you will be seeing my friend, Kimberly as well,
because I wanna show a difference between different skin tone :) 
every single picture below are not edited, and no photoshop is done, 
so if I scare you guys off with my bare face........I am truly sorry :P 

Anti-T Toner and Anti-T emulsion
The Anti-T toner sweeps away dead skin cells that can lead to break-outs and also tightens pores and calms down blemish-prone skin.
besides that, it also controls excess sebum and reduces inflammation.

for the Anti-T emulsion, it mattifies skin and keeps it shine-free, it'll also leave our skin feeling calm and soothe. 

This bottle is a trial pack, so I need to use a cutip to get the solution out of the bottle :) 
so let's give it a try and see if it works ! :D
Tadaaaa ! a few days ago, I had a few break outs and it wasn't very pleasant because it really hurts ALOT. 
I hardly have a few break out at a time [ thats why some of my friends hates me :D ] so this is gonna be a good timing to try on Yadah products.
I applied the Anti-T toner and Anti-T emulsion for 2 days and my break out is finally not hurting anymore, and it also became a little more smaller and less red than before, and not forgetting the other pimple that was going to pop out were actually all gone now!
so my verdict is....I LOVE IT ! it really does work :D
highly recommended ! 

now lets try on the vitamin toner and emulsion

I was pretty surprised that the consistency of the toner is much thicker than regular toners, 
most toners are watery and it doesn't feel so moisture at all, but this reallyyy surprised me ! 
it was said that it could not only perks up tired skin and erase signs of fatigue, 
but also improves skin tone and texture to restore radiance.
nevertheless, it can also prevents oxidation to protect against free radicals. 

and of course, the Vitamin emulsion's consistency is much thicker than the toner, and its also partial clear.
It provides hydration and energy for dull lacklustre skin.
It also neutralise free radicals harmful to the skin and the light matte texture leaves skin feeling fresh and soft.

this is how I usually apply it, by following the guide lines~
Apply it day and night after cleansing our face~
My face is much more moisturized after using these 2 products because I was having my monthly period and my skin condition was terrible, this product saved me! [ if you're a guy and you're reading this, I'm sorry for all those girls matter >< ]

Next is, the brightening ampoule~

it is a clear gel once its dripped on the back of my hand

But after spreading it evenly, it became watery which is even easier for our skin to absorb.
it has a combination of plant's stem cells that can help reduce dark spots and pigmentation while preventing them from reappearing. Vitamin B3 naturally surppresses the production of melanin while glycosaminoglycans has the ability to retain and bind water for added hydration. 
after using this ampoule, my skin stays naturally clear, birght and luminous. :) 

Next is the cleansing nose pack ! 
I don't exactly have black heads on my nose, so I asked my friend, Kim for help~
lets see how it works out !

so looking at the before and after, the difference is not so much~ 
but the strip did helped my friend open her nose pores which is easier to cleanse it after, which is good ! :D
 look at the dirt on the nose strip !
actually its not much though~
sooo....I'm gonna rate this product 6/10
if you look closely at my friend's nose above, this strip made her bleed as well >< 

next is the brightening mask !! 

I look scary. 
hahah but I love this mask ! because you see the holes for the eyes, nose and mouth is big enough to fit in my features :D most masks outside isn't so appealing to me because the cut outs are too small and uncomfortable ><

 check this outttt !!!!
from yellow skin tone, can improve till pinkish rosy cheek !
I rate this product 10 out of 10 !!! :D mad loveeeee

Last but not least, I'm gonna try out the BB cream and the Sun cream ! 
Most BB creams have a greyish consistency, but Yadah's bb cream is different, 
it has a natural beige colour that suits human's skin tone better~ 
and it also has SPF20 PA++ 
it was said that it is multi-dunctional makeup base and primer. 
this product is 100% hypo-allergenic, non-greasy, non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin type! 

check out the before and after !
without using concealer, it can cover up those little spots on my face, and also even up my skin tone~

next is Sun cream !! 
the consistency is a lil bit yellowish and white~
sun cream are suppose to be translosen after applying it on any skin tone, 
so lets put it to a test ! 

it looks okay on my skin eh :D hahahah
now let's try it on Kim's darker skin tone :)

 it also works eh !! 
so its proven, this product is useful :D
it looks natural on any skin tone !! and it has 40 SPF PA++ which is perfect for outdoors ! 

out of so many product from this trial pack, the less satisfying 1 is the cleansing nose pack, 
but its okay! coz the others rocks !!! :D
will I go back to Hermo and order more of Yadah ?

remember to get your Yadah products now on Hermo with great deals !!! 
I know this is a post with tons of pictures AND words >< 
but hopefully I did a great informative review for you guys ~
special thanks to Kimberly for helping me so much in this post !
btw, I really took guts out to post my bare face because its pretty much DIFFERENT from when I have makeup on >< so yeahhh~hahah !

for any inquires you can comment down below or tweet me @jxhia too :)

signing of with great skin ;)

The need of being younger and sexier ?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

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Hey there my lovely readerssss~ I'm finally back here blogging!
and I am here to share with you guys some awesome clothings by Jonquilkiss once again !
Ever wanna be cute and innocent ? but yet afraid that you might not pull off that look ?
or wanna be sexy and seducing but yet have a goodie-two-shoe kind of baby face ?
I face that problem alot =(
when I just wanna look young and more youthful sometimes my friends tend to tell me that I act like aunty lar okay, and I dress like 1 sometimes....zz
but yet, when I wanna have the porsche, sexy Victoria Beckham look, I have a chubby face filled with not fillers, but baby fats. [ I'm 18, still in the waiting list for baby fats to reduce pfft ]

so with the problem of "I can't be cute" & "I can't be porsche" ,
I combined it a little bit of these 2 styles into MY, WJX personal unique style with Jonquilkiss's outfit !

I'm wearing Jonquilkiss's *MEOWWRR* kitty faced cropped top, 
with my H&M basic black body con dress on the inside,
Balenciaga bag
Toy watch + Germ band ( if you know what this is than you're awesome ! )
retro shades

The cropped top is uber cute ! You can pair it with almost anything !
Shorts, high waist pants / skirt, tight skirts etc etc .. 
so my concept kinda worked right ... ? hahaha at lease I think it did ><
kitty top represents the cuteness, bodycon tight inner dress that apparently looks like a tight skirt itself looks kinda porsche,
to balance up the whole look, instead of getting a clutch, I pair my big brown balenciaga so it wont look too "dressy" ..if you know what I mean...
and yet for my accessories, I wore the SK jewelry set with neckalce and earrings which are pretty petite looking, 
and instead of my usual retro casio gold watch, I wore my purple silicon toy watch to match those purple kitty eyes~
 the other side of my wrist is the couple bangle me and my boy wear + germ band by Joseph Germani ;)
for shoes, I didn't wanna wear heels, because the sexy side will be heavier, 
so I wore my casual white birkenstock that can go with my brown balenciaga too :)
Shades conclude the whole porsche look and my pony tail can both be edgy and clean looking :D

So this is my style, what is yours ? ;)
Visit Jonquilkiss to find both cute and sexy looking clothings !
 Sexy Back !

or young pastel colours!

I NEVER get dissappointed with their qualities and designs, both very satisfying :D
check them out on facebook NOW & like their facebook page to follow on their latest updates,
you can quote " JxhiaW" to get 10% off of every item you purchase from Jonquilkiss ! 
grab them now before your desired piece is out of stock babesss ! 

Special thanks to Jonquilkiss for the top, 
and my babe Yvonne for helping me with the mini photoshoot :)
The bottom ones are random lar har...please don't mind~ :p

Presenting my bestf aka photographer of the day Yvonne Yeoh Cheng Kim :P
love her MAX 

nah give you face lah :P
chok anot? hahaha must have wind blowing in your hair than only chio :D

thats all for now! 
to follow on my updates, you can follow me on twitter & instagram @jxhia
goodnight  !!!! 

Pre-Loved :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Okay a quick 1 !
I am announcing something pretty important,
I am selling off my 3 months old samsung note 2!
because after using this phone I finally noticed that I'm a apple person.
I've been using iphone for 3 years plus right now,
and samsung is just not my thing and I really couldn't fake it... ><
so yeahhh,
it is still under warranty for 2 years,
it was bought from Gurney's samsung shop,
I had never drop it before, and it has no scratches at all~
I am setting the price at 1.5k it can totally be negotiate as I'm such a nice person :DD
and if you're a girl, I can give you both the covers that I bought too,
I said girls only because both of the covers are pink ><
if you're a guy and you want them too than go ahead, I wont judge :D hahaha
I will of course sell it along with the headphones etc etc...
and most importantly ! I did not insert any memory card so if you want extra memory card you go buy yourself lar okay ? :P

to contact me, you can pm me on facebook -- Jxhia Wong
email me jxhiawong@hotmail.com

Please don't hesitant to ask ! 

Sleep.. Eat.. Sleep.. Blog ~

Saturday, March 9, 2013

[ WARNING : very wordy post. no pics :) ]

I totally feel guilty that most of the posts I post about lately are promoting my sponsorship, my blogshop, haul & tutorial etc etc
I totally neglected on writing my usual lifestyle blog zz
as you can see...
I have no effing life right now *says in a small voice*
I haven't got my results, and not even taking a simple part time job, my car has arrived but the number plate haven't, my friends all live freaking far away from me and where am I ?!
lemme define the area for you,
my condo is built in the middle of jungles, and right in front of it is the beach aka seaside .
no malls, not even cheapskate shop lots lor !
so what do I do to pass all those times in the past few months ??
like what my title said, sleep...eat...sleep...not even blog man -.-
I don't see the point to since I am doing nothing ~

went out with my girls today and I felt like I'm finally FREEEE you know like those desperate birds that are trapped in the cages for years and they finally get to fly out of that HOLE ( or get killed. either one LOL )
my point is, once I'm free, I'll tend to do stuff that I haven't done in months perhaps years~
for example, buy a bunch of make ups like I had already finish "eating" all of my own,
go around hunting for new clothings, shoes, or bags !
most importantly, getting my fcking horrendous nails done D:
at one go I did both mani and pedi in 2 days with extensions and gel somemore,
as if I'm effing rich but I'm not and I couldn't be bothered already...
I'm a girl mar right? once in a while shouldn't hurt.

haiya cannot already I must save all this kaching $ kaching $$$ for my bankok trip.
super dilemma now, don't know wanna be happy the fact that I've bought and done so many things that made me happy or sad the fact that I'll regret after LOL
I really can't wait for my baby ladybird (my car's name, because xiao hong is to mainstream according to boyf) to arrive already, can go Kim's place, can go eat normal food other than salad everyday.
than I wont be bored, when I'm not like a psycho desperate bird I won't spend, hence, SAVED MONEY$$  

I know some of the posts you guys requested are not even posted up yet,
because I somehow need inspiration to crap about that topic or I rather not blog haha !
I remembered there were requests on my shoe collections, my daily makeup routine, my skin care routine, my all-day diet plan....yeah things like that~
soon lar kay, will post them soon :D
and thinking about me going in to college soon right, it actually makes me happy instead of lazy,
I know you guys will be thinking,
"aiya she probably just say she's looking forward to go only lar later on she'll be lazy afterall "
I honestly tell you,
so I'm not afraid of you to say also :P

I'm looking forward now probably the reason because college is like a totally new life for me,
no more mommy daddy help me pleaseeeeee~
and majority things have to be independent,
and also let me pass my time lar stupid. LOL
now I stay at home everyday till my brain is starting to rot,
spoil still okay you know, can repair but if rot ar.....NO HELP.
*punch line from a movie if you can recall :p*
*if you don't get it than you're just slow :p*

anyways, I'm done mumbling about my bad holidays,
one boring wordy post I know,
I warned you and if you had read the whole entire thing, I love you for it but if you read it and bloody criticize me, I wont hate you but I will ignore you for it, if you didn't read and still criticize me.....
just go away.


Buy Buy Buy ....O.O

Thursday, March 7, 2013

For some reasons I do not know why in a week time I can spend so much $$  zz..
maybe because I felt like I haven't really pamper myself in months already..
I was shopping on Hermo's website for the first time just because I finally got my debit card like 2 weeks ago HAHAHA
*big spender much ?! *
and I realized that its super easy and convenient to shop there because the products are 100% genuine, and there are always good deals there that can help you save up mayb from 20-30%, and it delivers with korea service [SkyNet] safe or what ?! parcel wont even be lost lor with korea service~
okay lah I feel abit ulu because I know many bloggers & friends of mine already start shopping on Hermo a long time ago~ 
but I couldn't help it ! the service is too amazing that I must also share even though its late abit :P

So I got my Laneige water sleeping pack on Hermo
and I fell in love with it!!! 
so when I was in Gurney the next day, I just went over parkson and get another bottle of Laneige water bank hydro gel~

the promoter was actually the part time worker from Shu Uemura that helped me make up for the couples in action competition ! *still loving his thick & full eyebrows :PP* 
he helped me create a member for Laneige to collect points and gave me free samples of Laneige serum
so nice of him ehhh :D

other than that, from Hermo
I also got a miniature of Gucci perfume for my bestf as her super belated birthday present~
hopefully she wont hiam lar since its so mini hahaha :D
SEEEEE cute hor? ! ? !

and than on that night right, Hermo's masks are all 50% off so I had to buy some right??
but unfortunately 1 of the masks that I chose were out of stock,
so 1 of the Hermo people whatsapped me saying that its out of stock but they will replace it with others that I chose, and also give me a few pieces of masks as compensation!
amazing or what??
gotta love Hermo 

the masks with the baby face are the ones I bought from Gurney GooGoo
and the bottom ones are from Hermo ! :D

besides that I also visited Inglot, and bought a lipstick & a super chio lipgloss !
I dare to use lipstick now because Dior Lip Maximizer really helped my lips, and I can now use any brands of lipsticks I want ! 

see !!! its so chio !
it will change colour from different angle and if it is touched :D
but it is totally safe to use because all Inglot's lip makeups are made from natural ingredients and free from chemical :)

other than that, I bought this new hair dye from GooGoo~
I bought it and trust that it will work like miracle just because the brand is by Tsubasa Masuwaka :D
I was super excited when I saw it in GooGoo !!!
she is my ultimate inspire for gyaru makeup :D 

how can she be 150cm tall and still be so pretty one???? 
I'm 5 cm taller than her but don't see I get any better >< nvm, I got PHOTOSHOP !!! :P

this is what the whole box provided inside~

I know I am doint worthless job like teaching how to dye our own hair with box hair dyes 
but the instructions are all in Japanese unlike Liese !
Liese got english and chinese version but this only japanese -.-
so I'll demo abit abit lar from what I know :P

so 1st pour in the round bottle liquid~

next unscrew the paint tube alike bottle and by using the sharp end on the cap, poke it through the bottle's opening to open it :) 

smells abit like strawberry jam :P

than stir it for about 20-40 rounds~

until it turns foamy like this !

than put on our hair evenly lar ! 

bare faceeee is scary ! 

and than use the hair softener thing after done rinsing the hair and your done !
okay lar my hair colour is too light so the roots couldn't exactly be covered up but at lease can tahan a while until a few weeks before my BKK honeymoon trip with ze boyf ~
loving the colour ! super sweet lor not too gerli :D

andddd......dang dang dang danngggggggg!
the ultimate love among so many things I spend on, 
I finally got 2 hot neon colour lip crayon from STYLENANDA ! 
chio or what??? 
happy lorrr~ BUT still waiting for it to arrive -.- 
already super excited liao haha siao eh .

end of my haul post :)
update soon again