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Thursday, March 7, 2013

For some reasons I do not know why in a week time I can spend so much $$  zz..
maybe because I felt like I haven't really pamper myself in months already..
I was shopping on Hermo's website for the first time just because I finally got my debit card like 2 weeks ago HAHAHA
*big spender much ?! *
and I realized that its super easy and convenient to shop there because the products are 100% genuine, and there are always good deals there that can help you save up mayb from 20-30%, and it delivers with korea service [SkyNet] safe or what ?! parcel wont even be lost lor with korea service~
okay lah I feel abit ulu because I know many bloggers & friends of mine already start shopping on Hermo a long time ago~ 
but I couldn't help it ! the service is too amazing that I must also share even though its late abit :P

So I got my Laneige water sleeping pack on Hermo
and I fell in love with it!!! 
so when I was in Gurney the next day, I just went over parkson and get another bottle of Laneige water bank hydro gel~

the promoter was actually the part time worker from Shu Uemura that helped me make up for the couples in action competition ! *still loving his thick & full eyebrows :PP* 
he helped me create a member for Laneige to collect points and gave me free samples of Laneige serum
so nice of him ehhh :D

other than that, from Hermo
I also got a miniature of Gucci perfume for my bestf as her super belated birthday present~
hopefully she wont hiam lar since its so mini hahaha :D
SEEEEE cute hor? ! ? !

and than on that night right, Hermo's masks are all 50% off so I had to buy some right??
but unfortunately 1 of the masks that I chose were out of stock,
so 1 of the Hermo people whatsapped me saying that its out of stock but they will replace it with others that I chose, and also give me a few pieces of masks as compensation!
amazing or what??
gotta love Hermo 

the masks with the baby face are the ones I bought from Gurney GooGoo
and the bottom ones are from Hermo ! :D

besides that I also visited Inglot, and bought a lipstick & a super chio lipgloss !
I dare to use lipstick now because Dior Lip Maximizer really helped my lips, and I can now use any brands of lipsticks I want ! 

see !!! its so chio !
it will change colour from different angle and if it is touched :D
but it is totally safe to use because all Inglot's lip makeups are made from natural ingredients and free from chemical :)

other than that, I bought this new hair dye from GooGoo~
I bought it and trust that it will work like miracle just because the brand is by Tsubasa Masuwaka :D
I was super excited when I saw it in GooGoo !!!
she is my ultimate inspire for gyaru makeup :D 

how can she be 150cm tall and still be so pretty one???? 
I'm 5 cm taller than her but don't see I get any better >< nvm, I got PHOTOSHOP !!! :P

this is what the whole box provided inside~

I know I am doint worthless job like teaching how to dye our own hair with box hair dyes 
but the instructions are all in Japanese unlike Liese !
Liese got english and chinese version but this only japanese -.-
so I'll demo abit abit lar from what I know :P

so 1st pour in the round bottle liquid~

next unscrew the paint tube alike bottle and by using the sharp end on the cap, poke it through the bottle's opening to open it :) 

smells abit like strawberry jam :P

than stir it for about 20-40 rounds~

until it turns foamy like this !

than put on our hair evenly lar ! 

bare faceeee is scary ! 

and than use the hair softener thing after done rinsing the hair and your done !
okay lar my hair colour is too light so the roots couldn't exactly be covered up but at lease can tahan a while until a few weeks before my BKK honeymoon trip with ze boyf ~
loving the colour ! super sweet lor not too gerli :D

andddd......dang dang dang danngggggggg!
the ultimate love among so many things I spend on, 
I finally got 2 hot neon colour lip crayon from STYLENANDA ! 
chio or what??? 
happy lorrr~ BUT still waiting for it to arrive -.- 
already super excited liao haha siao eh .

end of my haul post :)
update soon again 

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