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Saturday, March 9, 2013

[ WARNING : very wordy post. no pics :) ]

I totally feel guilty that most of the posts I post about lately are promoting my sponsorship, my blogshop, haul & tutorial etc etc
I totally neglected on writing my usual lifestyle blog zz
as you can see...
I have no effing life right now *says in a small voice*
I haven't got my results, and not even taking a simple part time job, my car has arrived but the number plate haven't, my friends all live freaking far away from me and where am I ?!
lemme define the area for you,
my condo is built in the middle of jungles, and right in front of it is the beach aka seaside .
no malls, not even cheapskate shop lots lor !
so what do I do to pass all those times in the past few months ??
like what my title said, even blog man -.-
I don't see the point to since I am doing nothing ~

went out with my girls today and I felt like I'm finally FREEEE you know like those desperate birds that are trapped in the cages for years and they finally get to fly out of that HOLE ( or get killed. either one LOL )
my point is, once I'm free, I'll tend to do stuff that I haven't done in months perhaps years~
for example, buy a bunch of make ups like I had already finish "eating" all of my own,
go around hunting for new clothings, shoes, or bags !
most importantly, getting my fcking horrendous nails done D:
at one go I did both mani and pedi in 2 days with extensions and gel somemore,
as if I'm effing rich but I'm not and I couldn't be bothered already...
I'm a girl mar right? once in a while shouldn't hurt.

haiya cannot already I must save all this kaching $ kaching $$$ for my bankok trip.
super dilemma now, don't know wanna be happy the fact that I've bought and done so many things that made me happy or sad the fact that I'll regret after LOL
I really can't wait for my baby ladybird (my car's name, because xiao hong is to mainstream according to boyf) to arrive already, can go Kim's place, can go eat normal food other than salad everyday.
than I wont be bored, when I'm not like a psycho desperate bird I won't spend, hence, SAVED MONEY$$  

I know some of the posts you guys requested are not even posted up yet,
because I somehow need inspiration to crap about that topic or I rather not blog haha !
I remembered there were requests on my shoe collections, my daily makeup routine, my skin care routine, my all-day diet plan....yeah things like that~
soon lar kay, will post them soon :D
and thinking about me going in to college soon right, it actually makes me happy instead of lazy,
I know you guys will be thinking,
"aiya she probably just say she's looking forward to go only lar later on she'll be lazy afterall "
I honestly tell you,
so I'm not afraid of you to say also :P

I'm looking forward now probably the reason because college is like a totally new life for me,
no more mommy daddy help me pleaseeeeee~
and majority things have to be independent,
and also let me pass my time lar stupid. LOL
now I stay at home everyday till my brain is starting to rot,
spoil still okay you know, can repair but if rot ar.....NO HELP.
*punch line from a movie if you can recall :p*
*if you don't get it than you're just slow :p*

anyways, I'm done mumbling about my bad holidays,
one boring wordy post I know,
I warned you and if you had read the whole entire thing, I love you for it but if you read it and bloody criticize me, I wont hate you but I will ignore you for it, if you didn't read and still criticize me.....
just go away.


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