The need of being younger and sexier ?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

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Hey there my lovely readerssss~ I'm finally back here blogging!
and I am here to share with you guys some awesome clothings by Jonquilkiss once again !
Ever wanna be cute and innocent ? but yet afraid that you might not pull off that look ?
or wanna be sexy and seducing but yet have a goodie-two-shoe kind of baby face ?
I face that problem alot =(
when I just wanna look young and more youthful sometimes my friends tend to tell me that I act like aunty lar okay, and I dress like 1 sometimes....zz
but yet, when I wanna have the porsche, sexy Victoria Beckham look, I have a chubby face filled with not fillers, but baby fats. [ I'm 18, still in the waiting list for baby fats to reduce pfft ]

so with the problem of "I can't be cute" & "I can't be porsche" ,
I combined it a little bit of these 2 styles into MY, WJX personal unique style with Jonquilkiss's outfit !

I'm wearing Jonquilkiss's *MEOWWRR* kitty faced cropped top, 
with my H&M basic black body con dress on the inside,
Balenciaga bag
Toy watch + Germ band ( if you know what this is than you're awesome ! )
retro shades

The cropped top is uber cute ! You can pair it with almost anything !
Shorts, high waist pants / skirt, tight skirts etc etc .. 
so my concept kinda worked right ... ? hahaha at lease I think it did ><
kitty top represents the cuteness, bodycon tight inner dress that apparently looks like a tight skirt itself looks kinda porsche,
to balance up the whole look, instead of getting a clutch, I pair my big brown balenciaga so it wont look too "dressy" ..if you know what I mean...
and yet for my accessories, I wore the SK jewelry set with neckalce and earrings which are pretty petite looking, 
and instead of my usual retro casio gold watch, I wore my purple silicon toy watch to match those purple kitty eyes~
 the other side of my wrist is the couple bangle me and my boy wear + germ band by Joseph Germani ;)
for shoes, I didn't wanna wear heels, because the sexy side will be heavier, 
so I wore my casual white birkenstock that can go with my brown balenciaga too :)
Shades conclude the whole porsche look and my pony tail can both be edgy and clean looking :D

So this is my style, what is yours ? ;)
Visit Jonquilkiss to find both cute and sexy looking clothings !
 Sexy Back !

or young pastel colours!

I NEVER get dissappointed with their qualities and designs, both very satisfying :D
check them out on facebook NOW & like their facebook page to follow on their latest updates,
you can quote " JxhiaW" to get 10% off of every item you purchase from Jonquilkiss ! 
grab them now before your desired piece is out of stock babesss ! 

Special thanks to Jonquilkiss for the top, 
and my babe Yvonne for helping me with the mini photoshoot :)
The bottom ones are random lar har...please don't mind~ :p

Presenting my bestf aka photographer of the day Yvonne Yeoh Cheng Kim :P
love her MAX 

nah give you face lah :P
chok anot? hahaha must have wind blowing in your hair than only chio :D

thats all for now! 
to follow on my updates, you can follow me on twitter & instagram @jxhia
goodnight  !!!! 

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