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Saturday, April 6, 2013

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Wasssuppp guys??
Yes, I'm finally back from my BKK trip with boyf's family and yes, I will blog about it soon~
I wanted to update you guys about this amazing online blogshop last week right before my trip but tak sempat because I promised to let the Yadah review stay on the main post for at least 7 days like any of my other sponsors~
so I had to wait till TODAY :D
Anyways, if you had follow my instagram or twitter you'd probably knew that I did a mini shoot for my friend's blogshop, Chalotte Katy.
She had been running this blogshop alone for years and had always bring in the hottest cloths in trend ! 
like right now, from what I know, korean fashion, cartoon printed tees are the bomb, include the "Stylenanda-ish" pants, graphic tees too. 
Below are the latest pieces that I had done the shoot with her~

my FAV photo

Chrome hearts
one of the most comfortable piece out of so many !!!
brought home this on the spot hahaha 

if it wasn't for my own pantang larang of wearing cross, I would love this piece as well~


besides street style clothings, they also have sweet girly dresses and floral pieces as well !

 another FAV photo !! 
ahhhh why am I so vain ><

I had never done any shoots for boutiques before so this would be the first, 
of course exclude my own online boutique lar~ 
I was pretty nervous on that day because I haven't met her before and I was afraid that the photos would turn out bad, 
I couldn't photoshop them myself, she would just take them, edit lightings and put her boutique name on it THATS ALL.
wtf man. I was afraid that the photos would turn out like a pig with flat nose and big face with fat thighs. 
surprisingly not. 
I guess because the lighting from her house rocks, thats why my features don't turn out so bad.
so, the photos above are proudly UN-PHOTOSHOPPED. :P
the funny part was she was feeling nervous as well, 
because she was afraid that I will be too shy and she would need to require some poses or at lease help me with some postures but than I was full of my own patterns ;D
so she was glad that we finished the whole shoot smoothly~

so remember to visit them HERE 
and also check out her personal blog HERE
Introducinggggg !
Carmen Layrynn ~ :*

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peace out
goodnight :)

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