Get inked & party !

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Alright so my title said it all~
yes, don't doubt it, I had a tattoo. a REAL tattoo.
Don't ask me why I did it and say that its stupid, 
coz its really worthless to ask now and judge me since its already done.
and I did confront my mom before I actually get it done, and surprisingly, she agreed !
so last tuesday, I went to Belissa Row's tattoo parlor ( Skin Nation ) with my college bestie -- Fang
and she got 2 tattoos done on the same day as me too !
so finally, I had decided to get a dreamcatcher tattoo right behind of my ear, 
and I had seen many many reviews of tattooing behind a human ear will actually hurt like a bitch. 
but I had proven that tattoo doesn't really hurt anybody as much, even if its behind the ear~
like to be seriously honest, it doesn't hurt that bad. 
I don't know if its just me, or what, but it really doesn't hurt. not like I'm encouraging you to do it lah..
I think maybe coz I had piercings before, and not like normal piercings somemore, 
hardcore ones ><
I've edited a video for memory sake

Okay lah, recently I posted a lot about upcoming events and stuff and I kinda starting to feel bad, 
because blogging is kind of my entertainment at home, 
and now I hardly write about my own life style anymore ><
mostly events, ads and sponsors. so I think I should dig out more time to crap about my predictable teenage life somehow. 
but I got reason 1 lor......;(
coz I was sitting for my 1st exam in college and you know how that feeling of being new in a school and having your FIRST exam in a totally unfamiliar school is scary. so no need to blog about that and not time too as well. 
but I gotta say, my classmates ROCKS.
TBH. not all of them. HAHAHA but mostly lahh~
some of them [ 2 of them ] pissed me off already because they looked down on my and my friends and also slammed a door and farted in my friends face. so yah. I mean like how can not be mad at this kind of ego maniac right ?! 
but I finally get to meet a group of friends and hang out with them almost everyday~
we bond pretty well <3 Love them like my babies now~
we even went to parties together already.
so last thursday, Richard Durand came to QEII to spin and me, Gillian, Rickho & carmen went~
the girls are crazy ! hahaha and I thought I was the crazy one among them~
too bad fang can't join us ;((

I look abit like Agri velt here. but that's not the point. haha 

My lovely new college mates <3 
From the left: Carmen, me, Gillian.

Met Monster there ! she's so hottttt like seriously ! D: D: 

Sorry I'm retarded, but LOOK !
Richard is sooooo hot ! 


We're human...we're always reaching out for something better...but never realized that the best thing for us, is already right next to us. <3


Chivas Night Magnum

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Upcoming event

Okay, I know its scary how my blog is flooding with upcoming events & stuff~
but hey, I'm a college teenager, I like having fun. But at the same time, study too :P
I just finished my exam today, so.....ITS TIME TO PARTYYYYYY !

Okay, so Chivas Night Magnum party collaboration with the "Drunk-Driving Prevention Kit"
And this Saturday night, Chivas Magnum 1.5 litres position itself, by transforming Sixty9ine Mansion by the beach into an amazing beach party that you don't want to miss!!

Date: 1st of June (Saturday)
Venue: Sixty9ine Mansion ( Batu Ferringhi )
Time: 10pm

Activities of the night:
1. Photo Opportunity
2. Face and body painting
3. Game interaction
4. Chivas Double Take App
5. Door Gift away

So, who's going to rock the stage that night ?

Dj Michelle ( Taiwan )

Dj Voize ( Malaysia )
the promotion that night for Chivas Magnum 1.5 litres will only be rm688 nett for 7 entries. 
and if you had already bought the "drunk-driving prevention kit", you can enjoy Chivas free flow for the night  sponsored by Chivas !!!
awesome or what?! 
for table booking, kindly contact +6012-4343669 

So I will see you guys this Saturday night ;)

don't forget that we also have a beauty date on Sunday !! 


Hennessy Artistry Penang 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Upcoming event 

I am not missing this again this year !
Hennessy Artistry is here once again !
Okay lah, I'm not a big fan of clubs and stuff, but I'm heck of a fan of hot musics, hot parties once in a while! 
meeting people and stuff why not right ?! I'm gonna rock the upcoming events ;)

The Hennessy Artistry is back with this year's first edition of The Global Art of Mixing series.
H-Artistry is heading up to where? To my beautiful hometown of char koay teow and laksa--> PENANG.
My lovely Penang party people ! Be ready to rock the H-Artistry that has a good smashing clubbing experience with an electric mix of sight, sound and taste! 
H-Artistry will be featuring a never-before-seen set-up for this upcoming event !

Well, a party isn't going to be an awesome party without awesome people & awesome music am I right ?
The will be an exciting list of local and international acts, and international DJ's such as :

DJ Nicole Chen

Andy Murphy


Celebrity bloggers from Malaysia like Povy Teng, TCmaine also attended H-Artistry last year

H-Artistry The Global Art of Mixing
Date Saturday 25 May 2013
Venue SPICE (Subterranean Penang International Convention and Exhibition Centre), formerly known as PISA (Penang International Sports Arena)

The H-Artistry events are invites only, all of you party goers will be able to obtain passes from any H-Artistry ambassadors through the ongoing Henessy V.S.O.P bottle promotion in participating outlets.
Every purchase of 1 bottle of Hennessy V.S.O.P will come with 2 tickets, and 2 bottles comes with 5 tickets.

Participating Outlets: 
Cuvee @ Precinct 10 – Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Nueve @ Precinct 10 – Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Soho @ Precinct 10 – Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
M2 @ Penang Times Square – B2, Entertainment City, Penang Times Square, 10150 Penang
SOJU ROOM @ Penang Times Square – B2, Entertainment City, Penang Times Square, 10150 Penang
ROOM @ Autocity – Juru Autocity, Jalan Perusahaan, Highway Auto-city, Perai Penang

Look at the happening crowd ! You wouldn't wanna miss this out would you?!
make sure to get your hands on the H-Artistry before its too late :P 
and I will see you guys there in PISA on the 25th of May 
for more info's check out their page HERE


Generation Beauty Talk 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Alright lovely readers, this is a HUGE favor for you girls / guys that are obsessed with certain famous celebrity Malaysian bloggers,
such as,

Jane Chuck aka Chuckei

Povy Teng

Venice Min

Anerly Fang

Duo Gigs


Ashley Lau aka Ashotonic

They will be featured and VIP bloggers for the Generation Beauty Talk 2013 on the 2nd of June in Cititel Hotel PENANG.
Exciting or what?! 
All of you that attend this beauty talk will be able to see all these blogger and artist in person on the same day, same spot, same time ! 
you'll also got to have an up-close session with them :D
All these amazing bloggers will share about their personal life for us readers / fans to get to know them even more better !
2 make up artist will be sharing makeup skills on the spot as well ! 
the organizer & host makeup artist for this event is 

Guests will also learn how to achieve different makeup skills from them ! 
there will be participants of some well known online boutique so that guests will be able to style themselves there aswell ! 
There will be goodies given to the guests and lucky draws from MIVVA
This even is by good because it is to raise the charity fund of Datin Sri Annie Tan 

11:00-event start 
-speech by the organizers 
-speech by Maggie Fong 
-Mock Cheque presentation 
-the dolly wink makeup demo ---> I AM LOOKING FOWARD TO THIS ! 
-shape up makeup demo 
-brows and kiss me lips makeup tutorial 
-get to know the bloggers
-lucky winner makeover 
-VIP bloggers' bag raid activity 
-Lucky draws 
-Photo session
-Free and easy 

 Guide on how to purchase ticket
1- Email to or call 012 42743212-They will provide banking details3-They will send confirmation emails and ticket number once you have done your payment4-Your seat are secured
5- If you can't do the payment online, you can find Christer ( the organizer ) at Starbucks Auto City tomorrow at 8pm-10pm, & on 20/5/2013, 7pm-9pm in Starbuck Gurney Plaza !

And guess what ? I will be there too ! 
so grab your tickets now because its very very limited ! 
2nd of June, you have a date with all this HOT celebrity bloggers & mini blogger ME :PI hope to see you guys there !

Spade's Burger Food Review ♥

Friday, May 17, 2013

From the title of this blog post, I can already recall the yummy juicy taste of Spade's Burger charcoal burgers!
Last Wednesday, a few Penang bloggers were invited for a food review for Spade's Burger which is a newly set up charcoal burger shop! 
How amazing is Penang !? I mean like seriously, Penang itself already has SO MANY yummy and satisfying good food, now we are having more and MORE ! :D
So anyways, I was 1 of the lucky bloggers that was invited to do the review along :)
I forgot to bring my camera that day.....I know I know I'm a lousy blogger lar kay?
but I have reasons 1 ! because before that I had college so I didn't bring ><
anyways, my i5 did a great job too k :D
I'll promise better qualities photo next time ;p sorry guys~

I swear, she looks like my Penghwa private senior O.O I'm not sure lar okay
she's cooking the fillings and meat ~
The made all the charcoal buns themselves and also created the filling sauces themselves.
they hardly revealed what they used for the sauces as it is their "secret ingredients" :P



Alright, so this is the 1st burger we tried, it is called the "Porky Pair" .
it is named after pairing the pork patty with pork bacon (and also the poker hand of a “Pair”).
1 thing that I can't forget is that this is my 1st ever try for charcoal burgers, 
that is why my impression to it is really really good ! 

or upgrade to

This is the 2nd burger that we had tried, and it is not only my favourite, 
but also majority voted that this is the best burger so far. 
not only the burger taste extremely good, the name also chio-er than others :D 
the feelings smells really strong even before we eat it, and the best part is, it is HALAL.
Featuring chicken thigh, cheddar and bacon strips. 
or you can upgrade it to the "Queen of Spades" with double chicken thigh, double cheddar & double bacon strip ! hahaha fat die you all ar :P 
it tasted like "char siu" and I'm serious ! but its not ! :/ its just chicken and bacon -.-

Tadaaaaa~ the model of the night ;D


Did I mentioned that the 2nd burger was my favourite ?
because I love this 1 too -.-
it is 1 of the most special burgers I've ever ate because it doesn't contain any meat, but only MUSHROOMS :D
It is yet to be launched, BUT it is named as "Shroomcreption" 
it features shitake[the black mushroom / asian mushroom] & enoki [as I like to called it the steamboat skinny mushroom]
the 2 mushroom will be scooped into an upside down, deep fried panko-crusted portobello mushroom, sealed with a layer of cheddar. 
However for picture purposes, the shitake & enoki is placed above the cheddar. 
since it haven't been launched yet, they estimated the price to be under 10MYR 
But no worries ! the price will soon be revealed on their Facebook page :)
and also they do not recommend to take away this burger because it will turn soggy after sometime, ruining its taste and texture :/

Stacks of petty's !!!! yummyy siaaaa D:

BURGERSSSSS ! hahah lucky me with lots and lots of good food in Penang ! 

Don't be mistaken ar...this is just half of the burger :D
the size is much much bigger ! 

go and have a try now ! 
they're temporary location is now at 
2-G-8, Pekaka Square,
(Next to Maxim Dim Sum) 
Taman Pekaka, Penang. 
Everyday : 6.30 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Closed on Thurdays :)

Like Spade's Burger's Facebook page now to catch up on their latest updates HERE .