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Friday, May 3, 2013

Hellooooo sweeties !
How are you guys ? I'm gonna blog abit about my college life~
its been a month since I entered KDU college right now,
I guess everything is going smoothly [ cut out the drama parts all lah k ]
my classmates are amazingly AWESOME ! I super love them 
and of course we have like a group of friends already, 
and we are all super crazy! and being closer and closer day by day, week by week 
we even planned a one week once theme dressing, and our 1st week is business theme so we all showed up in formal dress up ! 
CUTE OR WHATTTTT? whole group in formal ;D

The girly girlsssss~
without carmen & fang ;(

We even shot a chubby bunny video together ! 
gonna be up soon so, STAY TUNED ! :D
So fat sia my face :/

I knowww....
you guys are all waiting...
with this face --->

Who is the giveaway winner ???

I am totally bought by the whole mommy thing, 
super touched ! 
because she thought of her own mother instead of herself, 
because my daddy's in China, so I'm mostly here with my mom, spending most of my days with my mom.
and plus, I'm the only daughter, so I know how it feels like :D
So, if you saw this, please check your email or facebook, I might have contacted you ! 

for the others who didn't win, don't worry bout it !
I'll be having my 2nd giveaway soon! could be accessories, could be shoes, could be cosmetics, or maybe clothings again ! and it gets bigger and better ! :D

anyways, thats pretty much it~
thankyou for the ones that had joined my giveaway contest !
have a good evening 

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