Get inked & party !

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Alright so my title said it all~
yes, don't doubt it, I had a tattoo. a REAL tattoo.
Don't ask me why I did it and say that its stupid, 
coz its really worthless to ask now and judge me since its already done.
and I did confront my mom before I actually get it done, and surprisingly, she agreed !
so last tuesday, I went to Belissa Row's tattoo parlor ( Skin Nation ) with my college bestie -- Fang
and she got 2 tattoos done on the same day as me too !
so finally, I had decided to get a dreamcatcher tattoo right behind of my ear, 
and I had seen many many reviews of tattooing behind a human ear will actually hurt like a bitch. 
but I had proven that tattoo doesn't really hurt anybody as much, even if its behind the ear~
like to be seriously honest, it doesn't hurt that bad. 
I don't know if its just me, or what, but it really doesn't hurt. not like I'm encouraging you to do it lah..
I think maybe coz I had piercings before, and not like normal piercings somemore, 
hardcore ones ><
I've edited a video for memory sake

Okay lah, recently I posted a lot about upcoming events and stuff and I kinda starting to feel bad, 
because blogging is kind of my entertainment at home, 
and now I hardly write about my own life style anymore ><
mostly events, ads and sponsors. so I think I should dig out more time to crap about my predictable teenage life somehow. 
but I got reason 1 lor......;(
coz I was sitting for my 1st exam in college and you know how that feeling of being new in a school and having your FIRST exam in a totally unfamiliar school is scary. so no need to blog about that and not time too as well. 
but I gotta say, my classmates ROCKS.
TBH. not all of them. HAHAHA but mostly lahh~
some of them [ 2 of them ] pissed me off already because they looked down on my and my friends and also slammed a door and farted in my friends face. so yah. I mean like how can not be mad at this kind of ego maniac right ?! 
but I finally get to meet a group of friends and hang out with them almost everyday~
we bond pretty well <3 Love them like my babies now~
we even went to parties together already.
so last thursday, Richard Durand came to QEII to spin and me, Gillian, Rickho & carmen went~
the girls are crazy ! hahaha and I thought I was the crazy one among them~
too bad fang can't join us ;((

I look abit like Agri velt here. but that's not the point. haha 

My lovely new college mates <3 
From the left: Carmen, me, Gillian.

Met Monster there ! she's so hottttt like seriously ! D: D: 

Sorry I'm retarded, but LOOK !
Richard is sooooo hot ! 


We're human...we're always reaching out for something better...but never realized that the best thing for us, is already right next to us. <3


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