April-May favourites

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I know its a lil bit too late to blog about april's favourites, BUT better late than never right ? :D
anyways, i'm going to share with you a few products that I had can really count on and had been really loyal to me ~ and I'm going to blog about every month's favourite if there's any ;)
I'm a girl so I'm mostly going to talk about cosmetics, facial products etc~

1st off ! its the Benefits Sugar-licious blush and lips set
I never thought I would buy a set of makeup just because I always have this thought of mine that bothers me,
for example, I like ONE product from that whole set doesn't mean I have to get the whole set right ? and its so much pricier :/
this set is so much different I SWEAR,
I am born pale. I mean like my face, I have no lip colour, no natural cute blush on my face,
I don't even have the normal human face colour if you get what I mean ?!?!?
sigh. so frustrating. I have to apply 8423456378493 layers of makeup to make me look less sick, or at least more human :/
ever since I got this set, I don't have to worry about my powder blush flaking off from my face, because it ALWAYS happen to me.
in this particular set, they have "bene-tint" which is a liquid form of blush or you can also use it as lip tint.
it is water proof AND kiss proof :P
it also has High beam, which is the prettiest liquid form high light from benefits,
along with Sugarbomb blusher, and sugar bomb lip gloss !
I'm not even paid to say this, but this tiny box of miracle saved my face! now I can apply a thin layer of bb cream with bene-tint as blusher to look human :D hahaha

Next is the bb cream I just discovered earlier this april,
I randomly walked into Sasa, not knowing what I had in mind to buy,
and I just asked 1 of the promoters there which bb cream is the best around in the store which is aqua based, and she recommended me this,
I wasn't so sure about it at first, but once I get to wear it out for a couple of days, MAN I AM IN LOVE.
it is so hydrating I never thought I find such product that suits my needs so well !
It is super super aqua based, with natural light coverage [ since I don't have any pimples or acne so I wont be needing that much coverage EXCEPT my dark circles ] , it also has SPF28/ PA++ which is great for a 3 in 1 bb cream !
made for lazy girls like me :D
you know, we girls do crank up alot in the morning but yet, we have to start off our day well, with a fresh pretty face, so this would be the best option. 3 IN 1 baby ! saves energy and time

I don't know if you can tell, 
but the top 1 is after and the bottom is before, 
after applying the bb cream, my skin looks more healthy and radiant.
at least it has a healthy glow on it, but yet, not greasy kind of glow~

Next is something every girls is crazy about, SO AM I !
3CE makeup by Stylenanda , all the way from korea !
I didn't dare to try that much so I only bought 2 crayons for testing first, and it turns out wonderful !!
I got 1 in neon pink, and the other in neon orange

the numbers stands for the number of times I swatch the lip crayon on my hand
as you can see, it gets darker and darker if you swatch it more

same goes to the orange 1

what I really love about 3CE's lip crayon is that its hydrating and not dry like other lip crayon,
it has this pretty shine on it that makes it hydrating, but yet, not too hydrating till it looks like ordinary lip sticks, it still stays matte~
for example , the picture below is 2 different brands but same colour,
A is from Inglot, and B is 3CE
it is pretty obvious that A is dry as f*ck, and B has this pretty shine on it that makes it seem not so harsh.

I had been talking about this tiny tube of miracle for a long time, 
it saved my lips countless times. 
I had mentioned once in my blog that I couldnt use any lipsticks or lip glosses at all because my lips are very sensitive, 
but with the Dior lip maximizer lip gloss, I don't have to be afraid anymore !
it reduces any irritations, and it give my lips this minty feel to soothen the whole lip, avoiding it from swelling.
but than again, my lips are pale, so I tried using the Lip colour revive balm, 
it works even better ! as it gives my lip this pretty pink touch to look more alive :D

Its crazy how my first review as the 1st tube and now I've finished 2 tubes and going for the 3rd ><

Before and after applying the Dior Lip colour revive 
before, Pale and dead.
after, looks more alive.
And as for May, mother's day its kinda...TODAY
and I got my mom a atas present,
how could Chanel not be atas right I mean like seriously.
I was glad that she love it !
its a limited edition facial highlighter with the most "Porsche design" EVER.

Its comes with a velvet bag

and a mini applicator 

Look at the design on it ! sooooo pretty ! <3

Happy mama's day mommy <3
used an old photo coz she don't like taking photos with me. ish.

I am so busy these few weeks I've neglected my blog :(
haih hopefully I will learn how to arrange time than blog more often.
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