Club Asahi Miami [ ADV ]

Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Sponsored ADV Event]

Club Asahi, Japan’s No.1 beer gears up for another of their installment parties with a superb run since it’s launch (Asahi Superdry Launch), Asahi Super Dry pole vaults even higher by introducing the second installment of Club Asahi – Club Asahi Miami. 
Thanks to Nuffnang for the VIP invites ! was really thrilled to be there with friends and I had a really amazing time partying in Soju room !
The location was really special this time because events were mostly held in SPICE penang or Straits Quay convention centre and this time, they bring the party dance floor to an actual club which they don’t have to literally build 1 :D haha

My phone, and my VIP pass ! 

Malaysia’s Hottest Blogger members from KL came all the way here just to party as well ! 
From the left :
Shelyn, Carmen, Me, Gillian, Fione, Anerly, Kate & Stephanie 
Picture credits to Andy Kho ~

The crowd was crazy ! and the official performers of Soju Room rocked the stage with numbers like Thrift shop by Macklemore and also Korean song, Crayon by G-dragon !
The hot hot hot eurasion dancers rocked the whole club and make them crowds go crazy !

My classmate Gillian was my +1 of the night, she is also a new blogger now ! go check out her blog HERE 

DJ Henrix and Kryon Man spins the songs and turns on the “high mood” of the crowd !
Malaysia will be represented by Mr Nasty & Guru Guru ! they are seriously amazing entertainers 


 What ? what ??
Abit blur :/

Drink drink drink !!! Asahi <3 

Met my beautiful Monster there <3
I adoreeeeee this pic !! <3

My Fione Darlinggggg <3
Thankyou for accompanying me through so many blogging experience !
No matter what, we stay strong, and it’ll all be worth it kay <3

Carmen ! also one of the MHB bloggers, and my buddy, and my sponsor,
Gahhhhh LOVE HER <3

Hot Hot KL blogger, Cherrie Mun, on of the duo gigs was here too !
She still remembered me from the beauty talk hahaha coz I looked abit blur back than I think :D

Sweet sweet Anerly ! Penang’s current, hottest blogger J

Not forgetting, my high school bestfriend, Yvonne Yeoh ! she was there tooooooo :D

Smile to the camera, and …..    Party hard like a ROCK STARRRRR !!

Hsien Yee ! :)

Tcmaine ! :D
Both of them are sooooo friendly !

Christer !! the makeup artist from the beauty talk that gave me a full body makeover remember???

 The Asahi Hummer on the outside of Times Square !!!! D;
Hummer is like my favourite car EVER ! chio max lorrrrr 

LOVE THIS PIC ! partyyyyyyyy ! 

With Tim ! :D 
and monster hiding behind heheh

Awesome photobooth pics from that night !

My outfit of the day,
Lace jumper suit- Fash allure
Boots- Jeffrey Campbells inspired
Clutch-I forgot where 

Goodnight guys <3


Generation Beauty talk !!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Heyyyy so, how's it going ?
1 week ago, I was so so so excited to attend this event and now its over a week dy :(
time really do flies when you're enjoying yourself huh ?
so what even am I all fanatic about ?
the Generation Beauty Talk with all the malaysia power bloggers !!!!

That was really an amazing opportunity to meet all of them at the same time, same place !
personally, I am a big fan of Venice Min, she's so beautiful!
and her taste is soooooo classy !
she's now an international model, 
flying here and there for shooting and stuff~ so it was an honor to meet her here back in Penang, her hometown :)

I was pretty lucky, because I was chosen as the winner for purchasing the most tickets! 
so as for the prize, 
they are going to do a full body make over for me ! :D
I look so pale, hahaha Maggie mah is putting on foundation for me~

drawing my eyebrowssss :D

After transformation ! 
Natsaw behind me :P

Group pictures with bloggers ! 
I am one mini blogger too :P

Photobooth session ! 

Me & pretty pretty Povy !! 

Chuckei <3 <3

Ashley !! :D first time meeting her ! 
sosososos tall for a 19 year old :/ just one year apart from me ;((( 
Jxhia, why are you so short.........;(

And my major Idol ~~
deng deng dengggggg

Cutie Anerlyyyyy <3

Duo gigs !!
First time meeting them aswell~
its okay !! I'll be meeting them this friday during Asahi :P

Nana !
so tall & pretty in person lah :D
hahahaha she had to kneel down :P

so happy that I get to meet all the amazing bloggers in ONE DAY !
super memorable lorrr <3
one super happy day! 
my car's alarm had decided to bail on me and embarrass me infront of cititel hotel.
the first half of the day was fun and exciting, 
but the afternoon 
I was stuck there with Fione in the opening air carpark with my stupid car's alarm on, 
with no air cond, really really sucks. 
so many people came to help me but still can't.
in the end, my salesman came to help me and disabled the alarm. 
finally, I got home~ 

Look !!!
photobooths pictures printed ! 

And the mivva box they gave me :)
I even tried the dye that was inside :D
it suits my red hair !

till the next time !