Chives Night Magnum

Saturday, June 8, 2013


So on the 1st of June, I was invited by Blogbuddy network to Chivas Night Magnum's party in 69 mansion !
To be honest, I had never been into 69mansion~
I know right ? sampat. but still... people say I always go clubbing party and stuff, just because I look wild, but NO. I can even count the times I've been into a club, LOL. I admit, I do go to events, but hardly go clubbing because I love my bed and my eyes :P
the 69 mansion's interior is CRAZILY BEAUTIFUL !
people can even have dinner in the 2-5 inch tall water~ relax themselvesss
ahhh mad love !
the entrance was chio MAX !
And I'm serious !!  I kinda pity the human mannequins though ><

Fione & I ! blog buddies <3

there were airbrush tattoo service foc on the spot, I had a real tattoo dy, so I saja join in :D hahaha
but once I got home, I got annoyed and when to scratch everything off -.-
because I felt like it looks like dirty pen residue or something and its an eye sore for me so ya...:P
some of them still keep it till the following days >< I CAN'T STAND IT !
and the "some of them" included Wallace Mak. my very own boyfie. tsk. why are we so different !?

we were given the silver pouch with masks and shiny bow tie in it, so we used them for camwhore later on :P

yeahhh BOO ! look abit like hantu.

wheeeee <3
I wore it for like 5 minutes, than I got so annoyed with it, I took it off already :P

there were also a game on the spot~
so this we're signing up~

the rule is that I had to catch as many flying pingpong balls in that box as possible, 
and if I'm lucky enough to get the gold or silver coloured ones, I get better prize :p
and I actually did, I won myself a Chivas leather-ish THICK notebook :D 

Christer was there too ! I was really excited about the beauty talk on the next day as well :P

looking forward to write again :P !
sorry lah hectic these 3 weeks you know ?
but I like being busy, coz I hate staying at home. 
and yeahh~
good night loveliessss 
I'm being real lazy and gonna hit the sack....right about...NOW 

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