KANEBO Kate Spring Summer Collection Penang Roadshow

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Event ( 6 June 2013)
Kanebo Kate Spring Summer Collection Penang Roadshow

I feel extremely happy to be invited by nuffnang to attend this makeup review / workshop for KANEBO Kate. As we all know, KANEBO had been in the makeup line for a long long time, and their brand Kate is also well known and can be found in any makeup drug stores.
So every girls can enhance their features by applying makeup, but they also need to take good care of their skin condition as well. Introducing Freshel, Kanebo’s TIME SAVING skin care line, their product does not only saves time, but also gives you the amazing after effect that you needed for your skin, in a short period of time! ( continue reading if you wanna know more about Freshel’s wonderful product and a mini review )

This spring, they are launching a few interesting product and we bloggers and models are going to review them and share about their workshop here with you readers!

The event was held on 6th of June 2013, and the venue was in Gurney PlazaManila Place.

Well known Japanese makeup artist, Hirai-San was invited all the way from Japan to give us a few tip on using Kate’s newly launched products.

One of the bloggers volunteered to be his makeup model of the day, so he could show us briefly how to use and apply the products with good tips & tricks.
Alright, I’m gonna show you guys the steps he taught us on the day it self, so that even though you guys aren’t there to learn, but will be able to learn it from here!

On the pic below, he is applying the foundation for her to even up her skin tone~
 Next, he is explaining the wonderful features of the newly launched Kate Goldish Eye Eyeshadow,
So, what’s so special about it?
It bright gold pearl powder by combining the real gold pearl powder in the formular, and these real gold pearl powder contains 0.1% of 24k REAL GOLD ! talk about expensive eyes O.O

He uses his finger tip to apply the gold shimmering shadow on her entire lid to make them pop
Then he uses the sponge applicator that came with the eyeshadow, to apply the darker colour on her outer V corner, as to enhance her eye socket. 

After he’s done with the shadow, he lined her eyes with the Kate Slim Gel Pencil, in brown. 

He applies a thin layer of length mascara for her ~

He contours her cheek bone and highlights her T zone area, as well as her nose bridge and under cheek, so that her face is more 3 dimensional. 

Added some pink blush with the SAME CONTOUR BRUSH~

Not forgetting some coral lip colour~

And he’s DONE !
He mentioned that this is the office OL look of the day

Looks so much like Japanese !!! which is my ultimate dreammmmm <3

Next, he proceed to transforming her from the day to night look,
The steps are basically the same, but he added the colours darker for the shadow, and brows, as he added brow gel for her. And also added volumed mascare and cream cheeks blusher J

So this is before transformation as in the Day makeup for office, 

This is after transformation, the night life makeup~

Awesome tutorial !!! Natural makeup ! :D 

After the tutorial, its our turn to try the look !

I was so excited to see so many product on the table and couldn’t wait to try it !!! 

This is the Kate Goldish Eye shadow
It has four colours in it,

We were given this in our goodie bags as well~ and its worth 59MYR :D

I’m gonna swatch the colours for you guys just to show how shiny it is ! D: D:

The numbers on the colours represents the colours on the pallete~

No1 is Soft Beige – Highlighter for whole eyelid
No2 is the Shiny gold that I mentioned earlier that contains the 0.1% s4k gold pearl powder
No3 is Deep brown – Emphasize the contours of the eyes
No4 is coloured gold- for this particular pallete, it is in light blue as the pallete code is BU-1

I tried on their makeup, and going to show u guys the before and after look !

I’ve applied eye shadow and brow gel, and also the brown gel liner and so far, I’m loving how different the brow looks after using the brow gel !
And my “before” look is just foundation, drew alil bit of eye brow and eyeliner~

These are the new collections !!!

The goody bags !

Inside the goodie bag J

They had given us a goldish pallete, the Brown gel slim liner and also the wonderful Freshel All In one Brightening Gel

This is the Slim Gel Liner in Brown,
The good thing about it is that it is simple to use, clean and the line is so opaque
But the bad thing about it is, once u twist the liner up, you can’t undo it, so we have to be very careful with the amount we need 

And below, is how the Freshel All in one Brightening cream,
It is simple looking,
From the name, we could tell that it is multi-purpose,
It has 5 functions
1.       Lotion
2.       Essence
3.       Emulsion
4.       Cream
5.       Moisturizing makeup base

It controls melanin generation and revents dark spots and freckles
It also acts a=like a moisture gel~
it is also creates a makeup effect that covers visible spots and act as BB cream~
It is so easy to use, all in one tube, perfect for people that’s busy and never have the time to take good care of their skin~

Cute refreshments were also provided 

 Blogger girlfriends that I went with~
Carmen Layrynn, Shelyn, Me

Anerly, Me, Carmen, Esther

 Only Selca for the day~

Bye guyssss <3
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