Hennessy Artistry Night ♥

Monday, June 3, 2013


So time flies, and Hennessy Artistry is over for a week already~ but it is so awesome, that the image in my mind makes me feel like its just yesterday ;)
There were photobooths, and a awesome entrance that made PISA, doesn't look and feel like PISA anymore :D
they had red carpets and really fancy decorations....ahhhh~ what an entrance ! red carpet event :p
I dragged along my boyf and 2 friends from college, and my bestie's from high school got their tickets to go to, so we hang out together~

Nearly 2000 people partied in PISA penang during Hennessy !!
the party started off at 7pm but I arrived quite late ><
There were elevated DJ console, overseeing the lounge area od H-Artistry from about 15 feet above the ground.
Julie Woon is our emcee of the night :D

Our zone~ 

Our zone was "S" zone~
which is the zone where all the DJ's, celebrities & bloggers hangout.
and I'm really greatful that MHB gave me passes to the event :)
I met alot of old friends, new friends, close friends, even my mother's friend can you imagine that?!
so that's the happy part from the whole entire event :D

Kind of my OOTN,black leather-ish bustier with Grey mini's

Bestie's from High School 

Von Yeohhhhhh

Free flow drinks for the whole night !
Apple, Berry, Ginger, Soda or Mix! which 1 you prefer?? 

Many bloggers went as well, and they're all in the S zone, 

I'm pretty sure you guys will recognize this one, hehe Jane Chuck ! 

a new penang blogger friend of mine :)

Shelyn !! we have fate girl :D 

My darling darlinggggg Carmen 

My darling Carmen, and Ethan !!!! :D 

Christer ♥ !!

Hot Hot DJ Andy Murphy !!!!! 


Carmennnnn my course mate 

Fangggg if you had watched and read my past blog post about my tattoo, you would know her 
my college bestie 

24 herbs performing that night !! 

Hot hot hottieeee DJ Andy Murphy !!

Dj nicole Chen :D

Dennis Lau 

there were photo booths there too !
we took a few pics :D

Amazing night yo !!!  such a happening night 
really a night to remember ! 

There were also a chill out zone for party goers to rest before they leave, bottles of mineral water were available throughout the night. A dedicated taxi concierge was also setup for the convenience of party goers to book a ride home at a subsidized rate, courtesy of H-Artistry. 
So so so "tie xin" :D
Definitely looking forward to the next Hennessy Artistry, bigger, better, BOLDER ! :D


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