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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paragon Opening 
So, if you guys actually followed my instagram account [ @jxhia ] or facebook page, 
you would eventually know that I had cut my hair~
not trim, but CUT. and its really really SHORT right now :p
I'll tell you the reason why here since so many people asked why, 
I know I've been having long hair for quite some time already, 
and plus ever since I dyed it red, it looks even more interesting, and my friends & family really love it.
but, as I go out shopping or wonder around, almost every girls I see have LONG RED HAIR. 
and you know how being mainstream is kind of a sad thing in the 21st century :/ 
and I don't like to look common as I think my red hair is quite uncommon already :/ 
so...I cut my hair -.-
I know its a stupid reason, but for a change also not bad right ?
but I'm still going to remain as " The Red Head Blogger " for awhile :P 
until you all sien already than I change my hair colour kk? HAHA. 

back to my main topic ! 
Gurney Paragon had finally opened!! 
but to be honest I seriously didn't plan on going there during the opening, 
just because Missyanda wanna meet me there and pass me something, 
and I was pretty free so I went. 
Because I assumed it would be quite pack as its the opening day, and there will be sales going on, 
so I went earlier like around 11am ? quite late also lah, but still in time to grab some shopping bags home :)
so I went with Gillian because I was kinda afraid to go to a new place alone~
and we had a crazy time shopping there and god knows how much I've spent LOLOL . 

Bought a pair of ballet flats from some new shop.. I don't know what brand is it but its inside Padini Authentic, but its not Padini so I don't know what it is ><\
but quite cute right ? :D 
shiny is my thing :P hahaha

Than while I was walking around I saw almost everybody was holding a Victoria Secret's shopping bag, 
and I know that I've bought a lot from KL already so it doesn't seem like there's anything for me to buy when Victoria Secret's is here, 
BUT STILL. my heart gatai, like everybody bought, so there's the need and urge to buy,
so I bought a pouch for fun LOL

Okay lah its cute and convenient for me lah~ its a makeup pouch that you can hang around, 
and there's a lot of compartment for me to keep my daily makeup stuff~

and the interesting part is, the mini pouch is detachable from the hanging pouch, so its really convenient for me if I wanna put my makeup stuff in there and when I wanna bring them out for touch up, I can just detach it from there~

Speaking of Victoria Secrets, boyfie had been really sweet, and he also got me a bottle of perfume, Body by Victoria and this bottle of perfume is only available in KL, 
I don't even know why they don't have it here but...okay . 

and as for Sephora, I didn't buy anything also because, same reason as Victoria Secret, I've shopped too much of it in KL and I seriously don't know what to buy from Sephora already. Unlike Victoria Secrets, they sell trendy cutsiee make up pouch, purse & lingerie but Sephora only have make up...and you don't buy make up everyday -.-
I also bought a few shirts but I don't bother to show coz its just shirts lah haha :P

my OOTD from Dovey Diary ♥ 
I love yellowwww ~

Macalister Mansion Night
Later at night, me and my few blogger girlfriends had dated out to catch up with each other.
But unfortunately Fione couldn't make it and we were all so disappointed :/
so we decided to go somewhere fancy where we, bloggers will do OUR THING, 
you know, take pictures and write about it :D
It's actually my 2nd visit here, the first was last year during boyfie's birthday~

It is crazy beautiful there ! the environment is classy and peaceful~ 
perfect for couple dates :D

Having my Japanese soup while waiting for the girls to order theirs~ as I reached earlier haha ! 

My baby girls ♥ 

Both of them ordered the same main course, which is Cord fish :)

This is mine :P

Chicken :) its so soft and it taste so so so good I swear D:

Its so good to catch up with ma baby girls ♥  
Although I'm the youngest...looks like I'm the oldest ;( 

gahhhh I love this girl so much ! 
she's always there for me and its funny how we get to know each other :P
she tried adding me on fb and she couldn't because my request full, after we became fb friends, we started chatting the whole night till like 3am :D
and for a stranger, its really surprising how we can click to each other so fast. 
and than we decided to join MHB together.
its totally like we're meant to be good friends in the end of the day, & we really are close now ♥ 
there ain't no other words to describe how amazing she is as a good friend ♥ ♥ ♥ 

as for Nicole, 
we actually get to know each other through a friend of mine, Fion. 
and right after szugeng added me into the blog lovers private group, 
I started reading Nicole's blog and than we started chatting online~~
and tadaaaaa ! 
became really good friends too :)
I love how humble she is, and she don't really twist her words, as she's as straight forward as I am :P
gotta love this girl♥ ♥ ♥ 


éPure Membranous Jelly Masque [Review]

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sponsored post

Hello helloo ! I'm here to share with you guys a super amazing mask ..... éPure Membranous Jelly Masque !
its a super hot selling item in Malaysia now as the result and effect of the mask is simply wonderful.

éPure Membranous Jelly Masque is developed by the renowned Dr.Yulong Moy from USA, éPure Membranous Jelly Masque is the first-of-its-kind facial mask with ACF ( Active Cellular Factor), formulated for intense hydration, increasing the skin moisture by 30%-50%. It works to restore and balance the skin by removing impurities like blackheads, whiteheads effectively and instantaneously. It also inhibit melanin synthesis, which lightens pigmentation, balances uneven skin tone and leaves your skin brighter and supple with dewy fresh vibrance !

Don't the ambassador look familiar to you ?
she's Grace Choong ! one of the famous model in Penang, plus she's also 1 of my friend :)

what else does éPure contain ?
it actually do contain Hyaluronic Acid.
Hyaluronic acid is one of the important element for our skin, and the are selling quite pricey for other brands.
It is also known as Hyaluronan which is also the major component of our skin which involves tissue repairing.
When human's naked skin is exposed to excessive UVB rays, inflammation will occur and our tissue cell stop reproducing as much hyaluronan, hence, it increase it's degradation.
Hyaluronan degradation will then accumulate in our skin after UV exposure. 

In 40 minutes, your skin will appear :
#1. Fairer. 
#2. More even skin tone. 
#3. Pores refined. 
#4. Less blackheads.
#5. Lifting and firming of the cheeks.
#6. Pimple spots and redness reduced.
#7. Laugh lines reduced. 

Look at my personal amazing result ! 

obvious right ! 
and my face seemed sharper :o 
I did not edit these photos AT ALL ! 

now I'm gonna show you how I refill my éPure bottle after I've finished the whole bottle ! 
You're gonna need packets of éPure, they do sell 6 packet in a box for 99.90MYR so you can go ahead and contact Grace Choong for more info's. 

And of course, you need a clean empty bottle, here I'm using éPure's container, they are selling at 130MYR. 

I cut open the packets and squeezed them into the container.

fold it into half to make sure every drop is squeezed into the bottle.

Fold in into half AGAIN so you'll triple make sure that you've squeezed all the mask into the container.

and there you go ! a whole bottle of  éPure waiting to be used :D
this refilling method is great for those who can't finish the whole pack of mask per time,
because every time you open a pack of  éPure, you have to finish using every drop, and you can't keep it till the next time already.
So this way, you don't really waste your mask because if you keep them in the refrigerator it will prevent it from being contaminated as well, also gives us a cooling effect while we apply it. 

its best to use a spatula when applying it, 
you don't want to contaminate the whole bottle with your dirty hands. 
Step 1: Cleanse and wash your face.
Step 2: Apply toner, or you can apply serum for the mask to absorb more effectively [ this is optional ]
Step 3: Use the spatula to apply at least 2cm-3cm thick or the effect will not be as obvious.
Step 4: Leave it for 40mins
Step 5: Wash it off and enjoy your freshly new beautiful face :D
Now you know about it, 
what are you waiting for ?!
you can contact Grace Choong's facebook : Grace gurlx Grace choong for more info's
her instagram & twitter : @gracegurlx 
Wechat ID: gracechoong

you can also view Grace's blog HERE for her reviews, tutorial and pictures from her happy customers there!  
Hope you find this review helpful and looking forward to see your pretty faces ! 


Kissable Lips [ Tutorial ]

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sponsored Tutorial 

Hellooooo my amazingly wonderful readers *waves*
I'm gonna be sharing my way of achieving kissable lips for a first date, movie date, dinner date...etc etc.
As a lot of people do not know that our lips are actually the main feature makes our face look pale,
ever since the age of 14, my lips started cracking and bleeding and its always so dry and nothing helps at all.
not even drinking more water or applying any medication.
as time passes by, my lips are getting more and more pale and people always tends to think I'm sick or I'm about to faint..[ so I used this excuse to dismiss from high school classes earlier :P sshhhh ! ]
until last year, I only realized that lip colour is actually pretty important !
and since I knew about the secret to "looking less sick" ,
I took the effort to take care of my lips, scrub it weekly, apply lip balms 24/7, drink more water...
and now its back to normal !
And I figured out 2 fun ways to wear your lip colour !!

TUTORIAL NO. 1 - Basic Lips 
Our no1 essential needs ! - Lip Balm
girls, please please please apply lip balm before you put on any lip stick, 
because it protects our lips without having the colours applied directly onto our lips.
my current favourite brand would be Eucerin :) 
*spot the 2 scary dolls behind O.O*

 Now, choose your favourite colour~
here, I'm going to be using Stylenanda's 3CE 505 Glass coral sponsored by Pawanna Shop

Its such an "everyday" colour and so casual and natural ! 
dont even need to top off with any lip gloss as it is already shiny it self :)

Here's a silly video of me applying the glass coral !

TUTORIAL NO.2 - Gradient lips
What do we need AGAIN ?!

1. Lip balm -using eucerin here
2. Lip concealer, or if you don't mind you can use normal facial concealer but it'll be abit dry.
3. Lip tint.
4. Lip crayon.

Apply lip balm first hehe~ than only proceed to the steps above. 
Step 1: apply lip concealer with a sponge for for easier application of the lip colour later on
Step 2: apply lip tint in the middle part of the lips
Step 3: Using the lip crayon, apply it on the inner lips
Step 4: Lastly, use the sponge to dap the leftover concealer on the outter lips again ! 

Remember to blend out the hard edges too !! 
and you're done ! 
can't really tell from pictures, but will be more obvious in person :)

If you want to get your hands on all the cool 3CE makeup products, feel free to visit @pawanna_shop on instagram ! 
they are currently selling this amazing mask that has 5 different flavors of it that really help my face with my scars, and it feels more moisture than it is before ! 
all the flavors is really helpful for hydrated skin type and also heals acne scars ! 

that's all for today ! 
PS: This is my last post with long hair :P 

Sunway Celcom 4G LTE Blogger Race [Adv]

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sponsored Advertorial

Remember last week I posted many many photos of me & my fellow blogger friends in KL for Sunway Celcom 4G LTE race ?
well, I'm gonna be writing about what we did there and how fun it was :D
days before the actual day I was super excited to attend it and time passes by so fast that now, it is already over !
During that Saturday morning (6th of July), me & the boyfriend woke up super early and reached Sunway Surf beach entrance at 9.30a.m.
We hang out there for a bit while waiting for my beloved Penang blogger friends, I mingled around with other  MHB bloggers (Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers) from KL :)

I felt so lucky to be there and attend this event as local celebrities like Iqram Dinzly, Kamal Adli, Along Cham and Ezzrin Loy were there as well ! 

Now, what so big deal about this Celcom 4G LTE blogger race?
guess what ?
the grand prize for this blogger race is.......
The brand new Sony Xperia Tablet Z ! D:
You guys know I’m not really an Android fan, but the Sony Xperia Tablet is so seriously amazing that I’m starting to change my mind!
Apart from the sleek and beautiful design, it is also water resistance up to 1 meter! :D 

We registered at the entrance and got our wrist bands :)

after that we were ushered over to the Lighthouse for breakfast.
In the Lighthouse there were posters and the lighting was really pretty so....yeah you know girls will always do what we do best ;)
Charis( from kl ) , Carmen Layrynn, Gillian, Shelyn, ME, & Fione ;)

My darling Carmen ! she's like an angel sent from heaven to be friends with me ;P

Right after the breakfast session, they organizers and emcee gave a short briefing about the game, the rules and regulations etc. after the speeches and briefings, we were divided into 5 teams to compete in the game 

My awesome team !
The white team :)

The blue team !
Carmen, Fione, Charis, Gillian & Shelyn

The orange team :)
 The purple team :)

And the black team :)

We were given an envelope with strips of clues in it that is yet to be solved by us,
and those cues will lead us to the hidden marshals and we are suppose to accomplish the particular station game, or tasks in order to get our "PASSES" from them!
The challenges included:
·  Vuvezela
·   ATV
·   Kayak
·   Flying Fox
·   Water Obstacle
·   Dunk Machine
·   Waterplexx 5D

Our envelope and my team mates !
from left, 
Careen, ME, Lisha, Weena & Jenvine :)

getting all serious while solving the clues :P

The first challenge that we solved was the Kayak !
They only required 4 team mates for this activity,, the only 1 with short arms stayed and waited for them :P 
hahaha ! Careen and her happy face :D

Next, we ran all the way to the surf beach again and we found the dunk machine !
adorable Lisha had to make sacrifice and sit in the dunk machine as a few of us refuse to get all wet, 
I didn't bring extra clothess some more !! if not I don't mind sitting there :D
they only allowed us to throw the ball at the dunk machine for 3 times maximum, or else they can't give us the pass at all. 
Unfortunately, we failed the task ;( so we begged the person for a 2nd chance and they made us pull our own ears & walk like ducks back and forth in order to get our pass :D 
yeah laugh laugh laugh :P

next, we ran all the way up to the flying fox tower and since there I hardly take part in the past 2 activities, this time, I gotta fly down :(
and I am the ONLY ONE that flew down :((
but to be honest, quite fun lah hahaha ! can relax a bit some more~
One of the most unflattering photos of me on that day ! -.-
But its okay :P Because sometimes people gotta be ugly for a happy moment ;D haha !
I like my nose here though...and my skin quite radiant that day ....aiya its not that bad :P just a bad angle !

Whooooo~ bye guys !!! :D

And once I reached the other side of the pool, the girls are already there waiting for me :)
we rush rush rush all the way to ATV and queue at the long queue
The cutest scene ever ! all of us begging the people in front of us to let us go first as we are in a competition bla bla bla....haha
luckily a group of nice friendly people let us through :P
as for the ones that didn't allow us.....

But unfortunately, we didn't get to finish other tasks in time, when we finish our ATV ride, 
the time is already up :(
so we returned to the club house sad & hopeless.
But once we reached the club house, we discovered that the blue team had not returned yet and as such they were deducted 15 points for being late.
and surprisingly, there was a bonus round, so that top 3 with the highest score will proceed in the game!
because of this little incident, and maybe a little bit of luck 
we, the white team got into the top 3 that is still in the running to win the Sony Xperia Tablet Z!

okay, so the bonus round is to go into the surf pool and look for a person with the Sont Xperia Tablet Z according to the clue given to each team.
nonono, you didn't read wrongly, yes, the person will be in the pool, so is the Sony Xperia Tablet Z as it is WATER RESISTANCE up to 1 meter! 

and finally.....
ran out of pool......
ran ran ran....


Congratulations to my team mates, we made a great team !
for those who didn't make it, don't get too upset too ! better luck next time :)

Each of us received a Sony Xperia Tablet Z !!!
If you want 1 for yourself, 
you can own it from just 1438 MYR :D
here are some great plans from Celcom !

   While the Sony Xperia™ Tablet Z does not support call functions, you can insert the SIM Card into a smart phone/tablet to enjoy the pay-per-use voice rates of Celcom First Voice (15 sen/min for calls, 15 sen/min video calls, 10 sen/SMS and 20 sen/MMS to all networks). 

They say its the best of Sony in tablet ;) 
now, all you gotta do is experience it with the fastest network!
Now, why choose Celcom?
It brings your tablet experience to the next level with the best network , 
also, it is Malaysia's fastest network with the widest coverage.
we can also enjoy the best plans and rates with Celcom First.
Be the first to enjoy the most exclusive privileges and also Celcom's many accolades have resulted in various industry awards such as Broadband Service Provider of the Year and Mobile Service Provider of the year by Frost & Sullivan. 

As for the Sony Xperia Tablet Z features !
·         Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), 1.5GHz Quad Core Processor – Super fast performance on the fastest network.
·         10.1” HD Reality Display – Large enough screen for you to enjoy all your favourite movies and series in wide view.
·         8.1MP Rear Camera, 2.2MP Front Camera – High resolution picture-taking ensures you don’t miss a second.
·         Water-resistant and Dust-proof – Bring it wherever you go without worries of getting it wet as it’s.
·         NFC Enabled - Share pictures, documents and more in a whole new way.

MHB Family group photo <3

Group photo of the day !!!!

Amazing team mates <3

Thank you MHB for inviting me to this awesome event !
I really get to meet a lot of amazing new friends~ it was an amazing experience :)
Thank you Celcom First for the tablet :P  
for more info you can visit
any inquiries you can email me :)

here are the videos of the blogger race !! enjoy my weird expressions :D
Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3