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Monday, July 1, 2013

Sponsored Post 

Hello beautiful readers ! I know it took me quite some time to write about this sponsored blog post >< but it's okay ! I'm gonna post about it now haha~ better late than never. 
Chalotte Katy have a lot of choices and its easy to place your orders as well :)
For this season, they bring in more Korean fashion varieties for you girls to choose ! 

My favourite ! The choices of colorful dresses ! 

The qualities are amazing good as well :)

I actually really love this piece ! but I really don't know where to wear it to man...hahaha
abit not liek my usual style that's why ><

Floral Set :)

Summer beach-ish wear :D

Sweet floral dress :)

They have stylenanda inspired clothings as well. Chok look huh ? ;)
Besides clothings, the sunnies & caps are also on sales too ! 

My favourite photo ! 

Their sense of style and clothing is really cute ! Unlike the other clothing line, Chalotte Katy's clothing line sells cute clothings ;) 
You can check out their main website HERE 
Their Facebook page for easier contact HERE 

Big thank you to my darling Carmen Layrynn who is the owner of this shop, my sponsor and also my dear friend 

Their Facebook page have 9k followers already now ! Is it possible to make it increase to 10k guys ? ;D
Follow the owner's blog HERE as well ! 

During photoshoot session with my mermaid hair 



  1. love,
    i've nominated you for the liebster award ��