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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sponsored Post

Jonquilkiss had been my main sponsor for half a year already, and I am so glad for their sponsor.
They are my first ever sponsor and that had brought me many many other sponsors as well which has been really great for my blogging career :D
This time, they offered me to do a collab shoot with them featured Jynn Ooi & Rickho Ng ;)

The theme was pretty sweet and fun :D
There were balloons, and even a picnic scene !

Next, is the picnic outdoor theme with the girls <3

my solo shots :)

And my favourite theme !! 
White background with sweet floral head bands :)

Selca shots with the girls after we're done with the shooting !

Rickho <3

Ma turnnnnnn :P

Long hair ? 


Short hair ??

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