Kissable Lips [ Tutorial ]

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sponsored Tutorial 

Hellooooo my amazingly wonderful readers *waves*
I'm gonna be sharing my way of achieving kissable lips for a first date, movie date, dinner date...etc etc.
As a lot of people do not know that our lips are actually the main feature makes our face look pale,
ever since the age of 14, my lips started cracking and bleeding and its always so dry and nothing helps at all.
not even drinking more water or applying any medication.
as time passes by, my lips are getting more and more pale and people always tends to think I'm sick or I'm about to faint..[ so I used this excuse to dismiss from high school classes earlier :P sshhhh ! ]
until last year, I only realized that lip colour is actually pretty important !
and since I knew about the secret to "looking less sick" ,
I took the effort to take care of my lips, scrub it weekly, apply lip balms 24/7, drink more water...
and now its back to normal !
And I figured out 2 fun ways to wear your lip colour !!

TUTORIAL NO. 1 - Basic Lips 
Our no1 essential needs ! - Lip Balm
girls, please please please apply lip balm before you put on any lip stick, 
because it protects our lips without having the colours applied directly onto our lips.
my current favourite brand would be Eucerin :) 
*spot the 2 scary dolls behind O.O*

 Now, choose your favourite colour~
here, I'm going to be using Stylenanda's 3CE 505 Glass coral sponsored by Pawanna Shop

Its such an "everyday" colour and so casual and natural ! 
dont even need to top off with any lip gloss as it is already shiny it self :)

Here's a silly video of me applying the glass coral !

TUTORIAL NO.2 - Gradient lips
What do we need AGAIN ?!

1. Lip balm -using eucerin here
2. Lip concealer, or if you don't mind you can use normal facial concealer but it'll be abit dry.
3. Lip tint.
4. Lip crayon.

Apply lip balm first hehe~ than only proceed to the steps above. 
Step 1: apply lip concealer with a sponge for for easier application of the lip colour later on
Step 2: apply lip tint in the middle part of the lips
Step 3: Using the lip crayon, apply it on the inner lips
Step 4: Lastly, use the sponge to dap the leftover concealer on the outter lips again ! 

Remember to blend out the hard edges too !! 
and you're done ! 
can't really tell from pictures, but will be more obvious in person :)

If you want to get your hands on all the cool 3CE makeup products, feel free to visit @pawanna_shop on instagram ! 
they are currently selling this amazing mask that has 5 different flavors of it that really help my face with my scars, and it feels more moisture than it is before ! 
all the flavors is really helpful for hydrated skin type and also heals acne scars ! 

that's all for today ! 
PS: This is my last post with long hair :P 


  1. What lip tint you're using and what shade babe?

    1. I'm using Benefit's Benetint~ only got 1 shade :)