Jean's Surprise Birthday party

Monday, August 12, 2013

About a week ago while I was still struggling with my finals exams,
one of my high school bestie, Chialynn [ one of the dance members that took part in all the kpop contests with me :D] , called me~
she asked me to suggest her a few close friends of Jean's because they are planning a surprise party for her birthday,
and I suggested my closest soul mate buddy--> Yvonne Yeoh :p
And of course other friends as well lah but most of them couldn't make it as they have extra curricular activities for school....zz....I forgot that most of them ended up continuing their studies in Form 6 instead of college like me ><
the funny part is, the day before the surprise plan on saturday, which is Friday, I met Jean in gurney UNEXPECTEDLY!
and that was before my photoshoot with Number Nine Studio  [ check out my photoshoot review with Number nine HERE :) ] so I had to rush off to Bukit mentajam, ended up just saying hi and hugged her only~
and than the next day, early in the morning about 10 am,
I fetched Yvonne to Queensbay with me and we meet up with Chialynn & Jean's college mates.

They were all really sweet, as they bought 11 different flavors slices of cakes and put them together into a round big birthday cake!
how thoughtful and sweet right ??
I felt kinda bad because I was invited the day before and it was so last minute I didn't even get to buy a present for her, BUT I WILL eventually give her a belated present :p

While we're lighting up the candle, she's sitting in Starbucks with one other guy friend, which also knows about the surprise plan, that's why he's making her sit there and wait as if nothing's gonna happen...:D
and than I came up with a better plan,
I called her up and talk to her to distract her while they're walking into Starbucks :P

Cutest conversation ever !
Jean: Hello?
Jean: yeah ? whatsupp? why you call me? Is there anything I can help you with ?
me: nolah...saja~ coz I met you yesterday mar, than I was thinking, when are you free? You wanna hang out?
Jean: Yeah ! so long didn't hang with you dy lehh~
me: yalor...recently got finals also mar me, later got pengajian malaysia's exam somemore :/
Jean: ohhh okay laaa~
me: sooo....where are you ? why so noisy 1 ?
Jean: I'm in Queensbay lah
me: Why are you there? 
Jean: hellooo?? you forgot issit? its my birthday today :(
me: OHHH YAHOR?? I totally forgot man I'm so sorryyy :(
Jean: bo xim lah youuu
me: Sorry lahh...busy mar ! 
Jean: Okay lah I gtg wait for my friends dy
me: *I think she's disappointed lah :P* OKAY ! whatsapp you soon kk LOVESSS 
Jean: okay ! byeeee :)

call ended :P mission accomplish !
look at both of our evil smirk :D hahahaha

Next thing you know.......

She was SHOCKED ! hahaha

blowwww candle :)

oi change sides lahhh I look better that side lehh..hahaha ! GIRLSSS :p

Happy Birthday my dear :) 
Although I have exams at 1.30 pm that day, but its okay ! I'll still piaaaa to Queensbay for you !!! 

Von & Jean :)

Chialynn & Jean :)

US :)

Her college mates :)

I had been friends with Jean for only 2 years, and I already know that she is a friend I wanna keep forever.
Like super no joke, 
besides Yvonne Yeoh & Teh Ying Ching, 
she's another really close high school sweet heart that understands me most~
IWe never argue before, LIKE NEVER.
And both of us changed to CDK from a different junior high school, 
so I guess we click better also, 
and we speak cantonese :p
she appears alot in my instagram, but I delete alot of my old pics already lah..coz I look horrendous back than -.- but still remain a lot of pics with her

this is from her instagram
*pls excuse my horrendous face :p I don't mind being ugly around my friends hahaha*

this is from mine :)
both of us remain 7 pictures tgt in our instagrams :D hahaha
see !! our heart is connected 1 siao siao ahhh

both of us changed alot throughout the years, from short hair to long hair, and as for me, from long hair to short hair~ 
brown hair to red hair hahaha
but that's not the point, 
what I'm trying to say is, 
no matter how far apart we live, 
no matter how far apart our college is, 
we are still as close as before :)
and nothing's gonna change our friendship ~
I'm really glad I have amazing friends around me~

Stay tuned for my Number Nine Studio photoshoot pics & also a vlog while shooting with the girls ! 

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