Number 9 Studio Sneak peek :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sup guys !
a little busy this week as I just finished my finals exam for my 1st sem, and finished my 1st ever photoshoot with my girlfriends and also getting ready to go for my 3rd getaway with ze hubby boy
Where are we heading to this time ? HATYAI BABY :D
I know it ain't somewhere fantastic, BUT ITS OKAY ! as long as we're gonna have fun hahah~
so you guys get the idea lah har, me going for a trip means I'll be neglecting my blog for another week again ><
sorry lah :/ I'll try to update instagram more and by the time I'm back I can do a quick post about my ootd or fashion post or whatever you guys call that.
In the mean time, I will be showing you guys some of the pictures that me and my girls took with Number 9 Studio the other day~
we shoot 3 themes in total, and my favourite would be the white theme :)
will do a complete post about Number 9 Studio after everything is done hehe

 Carmen, me & Nicole

Excited anot !?!? I know I am ! :D
so stay tuned my blog for the next couple fo dayssss <3


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