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Monday, August 19, 2013

This ain't any advert, just a random post about the photoshoot I've had with Number Nine Studio last few weeks,
and if you had followed my blog or instagram, you would've know that I mentioned about Number9 quite a few times, and I really super duper love their photos !
How did I know about this studio?
I actually knew about it because my classmate, Rickho, is actually one of their hired commercial models for their main page, and plus, they're actually good friends too so yeahh :)
Where exactly is their studio ?
3191,1st floor, Jalan Maju, Maju Utama Business Centre,
1400 Penang, Malaysia.

I'll roughly explain the location because its not EXACTLY in Penang,
its actually in Bukit Mentajam, part of Penang but still in Butterworth,
and thats all I can describe about the location HAHA! coz I'm originally from Penang island, so I have no idea how to go also, I used gps kk ><

Anyways, they provide a lot of photography services like :
-personal portrait

Also included :
全家福 Family

毕业照 Graduation

宠物摄影 Pets

商业摄影 Commercial

婚摄 Wedding

-婚礼记录 Wedding day

-婚礼录影 Videography

Make up Styling

For more photoshooting info's you can contact : 017-422 1338 /

And to be super honest with all of you, 
I had ever really had shootings with any professional studios before, LIKE NEVER.
Most of my photos are either taken by myself [timer....I know beh paiseh right ?? :P ] 
taken by my boyf, WHO also had some experience in photography as he is a graphic designer.
and plus, my boyf don't really like other people to shoot for me lah, unless its for my sponsorship thing, or for a boutique shoot, or else he won't be really happy about it, so I respect him :) 
PLUS, what is better than a ownself private photographer right ? :P

So, this is my 1st photoshooting experince in a studio, 
and I would say that it is really over whelming that my blogger besties are there with me, 
and we clicked along with the photographer really fast and well because he's a close friend of Carmen Layrynn too, 
thats why he agreed to shoot for us :)
okay, less blabing, more photos from now-->
we did 3 themes, 
this is the first theme, the white light leak theme :)

Carmen is peeking at my boobies, I'm dreaming like a princess, Nicole's waiting to get married 

I love you girls ! <3

Initially we posed for this pic, but than the photographer said :" Carmen open your eyes, I can't see it "
Than we started laughing like mad, and he captured the happiness moment ! I don't know why we find it funny also but its just funny ! haha

I look abit bengkak here, but its okay ! I look happy :P

Bunny teeth -.-
I have the "you wanna marry me anot" kind of face :P as I mentioned earlier, Nicole looks like she's waiting to get married hahaha

I ADOREEEE this shot !
I love my nose, my skort [skirt+shorts=skorts] & my thighs !!! omg 


Got S.H.E feel anot ?? :P

Next theme is floral theme, 
not so nice, coz I looked FAT. 

And the last theme which is also my favourite theme, 
the Stylenanda inspired theme,
initially we wore all dark colours and black but the photographer said its not nice, 
coz all of us look like ONE piece instead of 3 person, 
so we mix and match during the very last minute
this is suppose to be a triplets shoot, but Carmen didn't think what she was wearing actually suits our theme so it became a twin shoot for me & Nicole

I'm so lala hahaha :P but i like CANNOT ???

HOW ?! got stylenanda anot ??
hahaha Number9 said this is actually their first time shooting this type of theme coz their theme are mostly white and clean, this is like black, dirty :P

It was kinda hard to get up to that place -.- we struggled for some time 

Tasha said I looked like a wall painting, hahaha ! I know I'm flat, but not that fat :P

The whole time right, we were just laughing & laughing ! so its really super relaxed and no pressure at all during the shooting session.
I MIGHT work with them again, but I'm not sure when because its so freaking far..hahaha
and plus its been awhile since I last focused on my blog, 
so I will pull more time out lah :)

Going to held a pre-loved / brand new items for sale soon :P
so.....GIRLS ! STAY TUNED <3
and there's also a vlog from number nine shooting !! 


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  1. Hey, is there any prepared outfit the studio would provide?