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Monday, August 26, 2013

Alright, so I've mentioned about my pre-loved items for sale for quite some time now,
and I finally finished packing them and of course take pictures of them.
There are a few items that were fully brand new with tags and plastic from my previous blogshop,
and the reason why I stopped working on my blogshop its because I really am tired and lazy to bring in stocks and send items out, and most of them requires COD which is troublesome,
I guess its a huge commitment lah, and I'm really bad at organizing it,
so I've picked the few of my favourites out and put them here on a REALLY CHEAP & GOOD DEAL ;D

The other stuff are clothings that I only wore ones, or maybe maximum 2 or 3 times,
some are even brand new because I bought them and I just hang them there, don't know where to wear to -.-
OR most of them I bought dy cannot wear...either the size is too small or too oversize~
But don't worry ! I will put a disclaimer for each outfit abt their size and cuttings :D

Floral Jumpsuit 
-wore twice, and the 2nd time was for a makeup tutorial 
Price: RM15

Limited Lansi Tee
-wore 3 times
*its written their S size, but its really tight and uncomfy for me, so its for XS people I guess*
Price: RM20 

Retro Sunnies
Price: RM7

Ombre Shorts 
-BRAND NEW only wore it to take picture once.
*its also S size, but too loose for me, I guess it'll be perfect for people who are in between S-M *
Price: RM20

Short - long dress
-wore once 
Price : RM 15

Samsung Note II cover
*Hand made by Chialynn*
-Brand New
Price: RM15

Top from Fash Allure
-wore it once
*its also XS so its too smal for me*
it'll look like that 

The leopard print high waisted pants
-wore once
*Too loose for me*
Price: rm 15

Black & Grey off shoulder dress
-wore once
*fits just nice, stretchable*
Price: RM25

Purple dress
-wore once
Price: RM 10

White Floral dress
-Brand New
Price: RM 10

Halter Dress
-Brand New
Price: Rm 15

White dress
-Brand new 
Price: Rm 15

Brown Bag
-Brand new
Price: Rm 20

Blue Off Shoulder Top
-Brand new
* too over size for me*
Price: Rm15

Tight skirt
-Brand New
Price: Rm20

Suede dress
Have both black and blue, 
price: Rm 30

Chiffon Ribbon Top
-Brand new 
Price: rm25

Leather Skater Skirt
-Brand New
Price: Rm 20

Pac Man tee
Brand new 
Price : Rm 20

That's pretty much it for my pre loved sales, 
If you are interested, you can contact me at
Facebook pm me Jxhia Wong :)


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