Shooting Collaboration :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Haiii guys ! I had recently just collaborated with one of the most talented fashion blogger of all,
Nicole Cheah ! I super love her style and admire how she dress up,
and her blog is really interesting as well !
I had been stalking her for some time already :3
and than I realized that she's actually my kdu mass comm senior & also my neighbour !!
I've seen her shoot for many girls and finally, she requested if I wanted to and I was pretty excited to see how the outcome would be, as this is my first time shooting with her.
we actually just shoot at my place, well, OUR place haha ! :D
I was quite impressed of the outcome BUT my make up was abit too light and the effects she added was too pale so I edited "the Jxhia Wong style" haha

I contoured my features abit too dark so I really do not look like me in this pic ><

My musclesssssss god damn ><

Initially right, my safety pants were shown in this pic by accident, so I have to push and PUSHHHHH until it's covered >< 

Horrendous nails ><


Nicole's favourite !!! hehe

OMG my double eyelid sticker has magically appeared >< 

My favourtie pictureeeeee !!! <3

Also one of my fav pic that dayyyy !!! 
and this pic says :
"I think the sun is quite bright today, imma wear ma shades :P"


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