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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Makeup Review 
Thecandyskin was founded in Malaysia since the year 2007. 
Their company's products initially designed to be beautified women from inner to outer. 

" In today's world, makeup & beauty are a form of art. It is a way we express ourselves. At 

thecandyskin we

 believe exploring and creating looks that define you. We offer a wide range selection of beauty 

products as 

well as a diverse selection of colors on makeup products beauty products you use every day.

Launched in October 2007, thecandyskin is a "must shop" place for makeup lovers. 

At thecandyskin, you can learn about the latest beauty trends, get beauty tips from beauty experts 

and read 

about their opinions on our new items. 

Color your life! " 

[ Quoted from their company's overview ]

They have their very own website

and they are selling these few products on their websites :

~Full coverage concealer foundation
~gel eyeliner 
~eyes primer
~organic skincare
~lip paint 
~contour&blushes palette
~concealer foundation palette 
~mineral loose eyeshadow
~anti ance loose setting powder.

And as for today, I am very happy to review their gel liners for you guys ! :D
Well, most of us girls know that eyeliner is one of the most important step for our makeup, 
and it is also the most basic make up for anybody to learn. 
Why is eyeliner so important?
I always remember a quote that was mentioned by a guy [ which I had forgotten who ]
" The eyes are like windows through your soul "
and I've asked many people before, which feature they will notice from the other party first,
and majority answered :

So, eyeliner is actually the best way to reshape your ideal eye shape, 
whether you want it to be longer, or rounder, or more droopy, 
we can always use eyeliner to reshape the eye shape that suits us best ! 
For me, I'm always very frustrated with eyeliners that smudges easily, 
or eyeliners that are very hard to apply. 

Thank god for thecandyskin, 
I can have pretty eyes for the whole day without smudging ! 
wanna know more ? :P
Such a cute package ! 

so thoughtful of them to put the newspaper around it so the gel liners will be protected 


These are their names according to the numbers that I had insert above:
1. Black Ink
2. Construction
3. Coffee
4. Chocolate
5. Champagne

Now, I'll swatch the colours out on the back of my hand to show you guys how the colours actually look like when we apply on our skin.
As you can see from above, the colour Chocolate and Coffee is not as bright as what we see from the tube it self, its actually really surprisingly natural !
I'll explain the colours one by one.
Black Ink: Its just a basic matte black gel liner that doesn't have any shimmer in it.
Construction: It is more of a golden bronze colour with a little bit of shimmer in it.
Chocolate: It is a dark brown colour and after applying it, the surface has a glowing sheen on top of it.
Coffee: *MY FAVOURITE* It is a warm brown colour, very similar to earth tone and will look really natural !
Champagne: Its actually a eye primer for our whole eyelid for our eyeshadow to be more long lasting, and keep our makeup from smudging. Besides that, we can also use it as a highlighter for our inner corners & waterline :)
Okay, when theCandyskin send me these gel liners right, I didn't ask whether if its waterproof or smudge proof or anything, 

so here I have Bio essence Miracle Bio water, 
basically acts like ordinary water also lah, but I'll be testing in my room so I'll just use this to substitute water.
And I just spray a good amount of it on the gel liners that I had doodled on my hand
*picture's a little bit blur*
and by using a tissue paper, 

I straight wipe the section of my hand that has the gel liners & the water, 
Everything remains exactly the same ! :D proves that it is waterproof AND smudge-proof. 

But here's the irony, 
if the gel liner is water proof and smudge proof, 
will it be hard to cleanse it off ?
Let's put it to a test AGAIN ! 

Here I have my Biore cleansing sheet, it supposedly cleanse off makeup.

And I hold on to it on top of the gel liners for 5 seconds, 
And with only ONE WIPE, 
Most of the gel liners came off ! 
So easy to remove ! 
The areas around our eyes are very sensitive, so its not good to rub our eyes harshly while removing our makeup, 
and we girls tend to rub back and forth just to clean our its really BAD !
but if you apply the Candy Skin's gel liner, you'll just need to hold on the makeup remover on your eyes for 5-10 seconds, gently remove it and it'll be removed already ! :D 

Let me apply them on my eyes NOW :P

I've used the colour "Construction for the entire line on my eye lid, 
and I've used the colour Coffee on my lower lash line, 
and finally, I've added the colour "Champagne" on the inner corners of my eyes as my eyes are a bit puffy, 
so by applying the shimmer liner on the inner corners, it will look more watery and cute instead of puffy :)

So how do I look ??
theCandyskin's gel liner doesn't dry out easily unlike other gel liners, 
and it is so soft and easy to apply !
I'm seriously in love with the outcome of the gel liners 

Get these gel liners NOW -->
you can search their facebook page HERE for more info's 
you can also contact their admin through email -->

YAY to theCandyskin !!!!!! 
If you wanna search more info's about them, remember to type "thecandyskin" in 1 word without seperating them as it is easier to search through google :)

p/s: all the colours of the product above were not photoshopped or edited, and the tests are 100% tested by myself. :) 


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  1. i dont really like the light setting,it is a bit on the dimmer side,so perhaps next time you can adjust a bit and become more brighter hah