Jelly Bunny Opening

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I was very lucky to be invited to the Jelly Bunny opening in Queensbay, 
It is the very first branch in Penang ! 

Who are they?
Jelly bunny is a well known fashion accessory brand introduced by Injeced Republic (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
They're mission statement is to provide fashion accessories in great colors with latest styles. 

Jelly Bunny brand has offered products with constant creativity, stylish and trendy to their customers. The products that they are selling in their store included:
-iphone case
-Unlimited Product as long as it is colorful

What so special about them?
They have their very own in-house design team always creates new stylish and trendy products to be at the edge of fashion accessory brand. 
They also offer new design every month.
They also based on innovative plastic material, they create variety of PVC, EVA, and silicon products. 

Their products are not only cute, but most importantly, trendy, fashionable, stylish, colorful, & MY FAV PART, it has this long lasting fragrance smell with vanilla scent !

For a stylish brand like this, their shoes are super comfortable as they are made of non-toxic PVC, soft and comfy !
Not to mention, they're also really affordable.
Their goal is to promote fashion at affordable price

They're very first store in Penang ! 

Absolutely love their interior designs, absolutely classy and special :)

Free cupcakes for their first day opening :)

Me trying on their shoes..hahah a floor full of shoes.

Courtesy of Jelly Bunny, each blogger gets a pair of shoe as a gift and I chose the hot pink 1 I'm wearing and bought a extra pair, the baby pink 1 :) heheeee

my company of the day ! Fione <3

And also special thanks to Jelly Bunny, each of us get a free membership card for 10% off each items as well :)

Right after the opening, we had lunch in TGI and I swear, the chicken is really really really goooooood D:

*this event was approximately 2 or 3 weeks ago >< I felt so bad for procrastinating haha ! but better late than never :P*

Make sure to visit them when you're in Queensbay and you will never regret it ! 
catch up with you guys soon.


Diane.3 Awesome Review

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hey guys !!  so a few posts ago, I posted that I will be using Diane.3 pink base sunblock recommended by Misspure and I am here to do a mini review for it :D
I had been using it for approximately 3 weeks now,
and I am lovingggggg it !
I had been complaining that I had my uneven complexion and Misspure saved me !

Let me tell you guys something, learning makeup is important for a girl right, 
but we have to learn how to take care of our skin before putting on makeup, 
because if you're skin condition is bad, your makeup ain't gonna stay on your face nicely too so why not heal it instead right?
and there's no point having a pretty face with makeup but shitty without it right ? 
for me, having a bare face is being our true self, but to be honest, I was never daring enough to go out with bare face hahahah !
I don't think any girls that is used to applying makeup is brave enough. 
But after using this sunblock, I feel more comfortable with my bare skin, 
let me tell you why :)

It is a pink base sunscreen that contain SPF25++ that will protect our skin from UV rays, 
and to be honest, I never ever use any sunblock for my skin, and this is the first time, 
so it really protected my skin very well. 
It is not greasy or oily after applying it, it leaves a smooth surface :)

And after I use Diane 3 pink base sunblock, I even have the confident to just apply this sunblock to college everyday instead of a face full of foundation. 
After 3 weeks, my face condition got much more better than before and my complexion improved better and better ! 
and how do I use it ?
1. Cleanse our faces
2. Apply toner
3. Apply moisturizer
4. Apply pink base sunblock 15 minutes before exposing our skin to sun 

But of course, I also did take extra care of my face with facial routines, 
before using the Diane.3 sunblock, I didn't really have a set facial routine everday, 
but just to see a full result of the product, 
I gave in and put more effort to my face and I really did see a huge difference ! 
"Trust me, you will love yourself in the mirror so much more with just 5 minutes of skin care routine everyday
Quoted from qiuqiu and it really did worked !!!! :D
and now, a photo of the before & after :)
the top pic is before, 
the bottom is after, 
before using the sunblock, my skin tone was uneven, and gloomy with a huge pimple -.-
But after using it for 3 weeks, my face complexion had improved, 
and it became brighter and has a pretty healthy glow to it :D
No foundation, no makeup at all :D
Happy girl with happy skin !
* no photoshopped done in any of this pic*

Very typical skin care photo hahahahaha ! 
just for fun :D coz I'm so so so happy with my skin now 

So I am really really happy that I happen to bumped into Katherine (Misspure) and have a conversation with her regarding my skin, and she recommended me her skin care line, 
she also gave me a sample product of the Diane.3 Corp Booster which is a moisturizer. 
I have finished using that, and going to purchase the full size 1 soon :D

Back then I had received a lot of praises for my skin, but let me tell you something really honest,
The face that you all think is flawless and healthy, 
After removing my makeup, I still have old acne scars, dark circles, uneven skin tone, and most of all, PALE LOOKING. 
Its full of flaws that I wanna hide under the foundation layers haha :D
but now,
I am confident enough to use my Diane.3 pink base sunblock out without foundation because my skin had been healed, 
I wouldn't say its totally flawless, but I would say that my face feels so much lighter that makes me feel happy :)

If you wish to know more info's you can view their facebook page and also remember to LIKE it !! 
or contact Miss Pure -
or add her facebook-
to purchase, you can straight contact her number 0124777228

They ship worldwide, and also selling in Paragon Penang's i-Avenue :)


Four Little Pigs - Caviar Nails tutorial

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sponsored Nail Tutorial

I believed the latest nail trend now is the micro caviar nails, at least to me it still is :P
Caviar nails are nails with 3D micro caviar beads decorated on top. 
They come in different colours and we can play along with it with different designs and styles! 

And special thanks to Four Little Pigs for sponsoring me this set of caviar nail set ! 
I finally get to test and try the "Caviar nail art" :D

Now, I'll intro a little bit to you guys about this cute online blogshop - Four Little Pigs
They are a newly set up blogshop on Facebook that are currently selling nail polishes, and hair accessories.
Their price are all really really affordable and one thing I really love about their shop is their NAIL POLISH !
I'm a girl that adores mani pedi, 
I can paint nicely for other people...
I'm always so bad at painting or designing them on my very own nails :/

so today, I'm going to demo the caviar nails on 1 of my closest friend, Carmen :)

There were 2 tubes of caviar [1 in flocking velvet, 1 in beads form] and 1 pink colour nail polish :)
PINK ! One of my ultimate fav colour ever :P
they even come with interesting caviar & velvet nail arts
Flocking Velvet

And the well known caviar beads ! :D

So lets START !

STEP 1 : Trim, buff & shape your nails
and also not forgetting to top your nails off with a layer of base coat :)

STEP 2 : Paint your nails
Here I am going to paint the colour that Four Little Pigs had given me which is a really pretty baby pink colour. 
the texture of the nail polish is thicker than the ordinary nail polish and that, I believe it would last way longer as well.

STEP 3 : Pour the caviar on the nails
this is the fun part, you have to actually wait for the nail polish to be semi dry, then you pour the caviar beads on it. 
make sure you have a cloth/paper beneath the area that you're working on the nails so that it is easier to clean up later on.

after pouring the caviar beads on to the nails, pick up the cloth/paper and pour them back into the tube

STEP 4 : Top it off with top coat 
Here I'm using my own shiny top coat.
Applying a layer of top coat on top of the caviar beads is like applying an extra layer of protection to prevent the beads from moving or falling off :)

And thee you have it ! 
Pretty colourful caviar nail art :D
For me, I only did on the ring finger because I personally feel that it would look "too colourful" if I apply the caviar beads on all five fingers ><

Now, I'm going to try the flocking velvet design 1 :P
I repeated the first 2 steps, and now, I proceed to the 3rd step which is dipping our semi dry nails into the flocking velvet elements. 

After approximately 10-20 minutes, 
apply the top coat to protect the velvety layer from falling off easily
unless you wanna feel the velvety layer on your finger then you can skip this step :P

This is how it looks like without the top coat~

And this is after applying top coat :P
I personally feel without top coat nicer for this velvety layer hehe :)

So what do you think ?
sick of painting old boring plain nails ? :P
Then do not forget to check out Four Little Pig's facebook page and make sure you give them a "like"

for more info's you can also email their admin :

I hope you enjoyed reading/looking at pictures of this tutorial and I hope to write to you guys really soon again !

Escape Teaser & Launch

Friday, September 20, 2013

Escape Teaser & Launch
Sponsored Advertorial

Hey guys ! ever heard of Escape ?
Well, its basically a new launched app by Celcom that allows you to enjoy the entertainment of movies on any of your smart devices anytime, anywhere !
With Escape, your world of entertainment is in your hands,
You can Pause & Play across any devices, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE,
Its also exclusively for all Celcom customers nationwide.

There are over 500 movies with the variety of Hollywood, Korean, Hindi and local movies from only 80 cent per hour.
Not only just that, they also included all sorts of movie genres for example: thriller, action, romance, comedy, drama & horror. Not forgetting live events, live news, concerts, TV series, Red Carpet event and much more !

It is convenient and portable as you can download the application with your smart phone & tablets or even watch it online with your laptops. It is compatible with IOS, Android, MacOS & Windows.

With its special function “Pause & Play” you can pause the movie on one device and continue watching it on the other, that way, you will never miss your favourite show again !

There are always new recommendations on top of the news feed for us to choose, and as you can see from the print screen above, its really simple and straight forward to use.

Now you have no reasons to say you have no time for movies anymore !
Escape will always be with you :D

How to sign up?
Pretty easy ! Just log on to and register with your personal details + your celcom number,
Once they send the pin code to your number to verify you as a Celcom user,
You’re ready to use Escape ! :D

What more??
Escape is giving out prices exclusively for Celcom users !
All you need to do is guess the mystery person……..;)

Alright lahhhh I’ll hand out some clues for you guys :P
1. “I’ve been to Shanghai twice. In a rush hour, three times.”
2. “I guided The Kid. I became The Master.”

That mystery guy’s hand reaching out through water ripple !
Who could that be ? :/

Watch the video for more hints !
A man fighting off several guys with his kungfu moves but we can’t see his face :/
It could be anyone from any movie…..
IP man? Kungfu Panda? Hmm…..I wonderrrrrr D:

Guess the person right and you will get a irresistible reward on Escape !
Its your chance NOW to win hours and hours of video content,
So if you know who that mystery guy is, SMS your answer to 20888,
It doesn’t matter how many times you send as long as you’re a Celcom user :D

 Have fun with your new app guys !
Enjoy your night <3


GoldFinch Jewelry

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sponsored Advertorial

Hey guys ! So if you had follow my blog or instagram (@jxhia) you would probably know that I love wearing necklaces, like ALWAYS.
And as for a lazy person like me, I hate wearing accessories, like bangles, bracelet, rings…etc.
AND I can’t even wear earrings for too long as my ears tend to itch . -.- 
But I’m a huge fan of necklaces.
There’s a main reason to it, because I hardly take off my necklaces,
Whether I’m gonna hit the gym or shower, I just don’t take them off.
But of course, once in while I’ll change the pendant or the entire necklace to match with the outfit I wear.
I know most of you are going to think “hmmm..won’t her necklaces turn black or get dirty? “
My answer to that is, “Not likely”
As long as the necklaces you buy are made of pure silver or gold, there ain’t gonna be any problem wearing them 24/7 .

I’m here to share a award winning gold shop that has pretty affordable and beautiful gold necklaces & pendants. 

Ever heard of GoldFinch Jewelry?
No worries ! I’m here to tell you all about them J

GoldFinch Jewelry had been in the jewelry business for 2 years already,
Their mission is “To do the Difference, Make the Impossible”
GoldFinch Jewelry was established since 1997.
They mainly focus on handcraft Gold jewelry.
They are selling all of their products in amazing quality with affordable prices as their aim is to bring the greatest satisfaction to all of their valued customers.
Products included: Necklaces, Gold bracelets, Rings, Earrings & Pendants.

Here is a little description quoted from GoldFinch Jewelry themselves.
“In year 1975, there are 2 brothers was planning to be a goldsmith, manufacture their own jewelry & supplies to shops in Malaysia.

As a beginner to be a goldsmith, thats not easy at all. They learned everything from their experienced master. The 2 brothers worked for more than 16 hours per day. They followed their goldsmith master for about 10 years time.

Time flies, 10 years passed. They were full of knowledge now on how to make quality jewelry. In year 1991, they established SHS trading and started their small business. They faced a lot of problems such as customers lack of confidence on their products due to they just started their business. But, they never give up, they finally successful to persuaded few owners of the shops.

When they thought that everything will goes smoothly, something had happened. The owner from the jewelry shop ran away after getting the jewelry. This really caused a very big strike for the 2 brothers, but they still never give up. They re-planned everything and learned from mistakes. After been struggles for sometimes, they succeeded & their business grew bigger and bigger.

After 3 years time, they supplied to more than 20 jewelry's shop in different state of Malaysia. They begin their first jewelry shop in Kepala Batas, Penang in year 2010. But they shut down their shop in 2012 due to lack of experience on doing retails.

End of 2012, they reopen their jewelry shop named as "Goldfinch Jewelry" in Kuala Ketil, Kedah. This time, they learned from mistakes. They try to maintain their business by doing something different than other competitors. After 1 year, they awarded as "Kedai Pilihan Rakyat 1 Malaysia" by government Malaysia.

Our aim is to bring out quality jewelry with affordable prices. We hope that all the customers satisfy with our product and service. Although we are not the biggest jewelry shop in Malaysia, but we hope we are the different ones.”

 Thanks to GoldFinch Jewelry for sponsoring me this beautiful pendant !
I love it so so much as it can match everything in my closet as it is simple, clean cut, & most of all, elegant !

 Here’s a closer look for the pendant :)
The whole pendant itself is made of real 18K gold & the shiny crystal is made by real Swiss Stone :D
You guys know me, I’m very into BLINGS,
Anything that has crystals on, I’ll be totally in love, there’s never too much bling for me :P
And I’m pretty particular about the material of the necklaces I wear,
Because, like I told you guys, I hardly take any of my necklaces off during showers or any other activities, so if the material is bad, the crystals might fall off OR it will turn rusty/black :/
So, this pendant is great ! I can wear it for any occasions without any hesitations as it fits every outfits !

I kinda miss my long hair hahaha ! its okay, its already long enough for me to tie them up already :D
Oooohhhh my collar bone looks flattering with the necklace :D

 The face I like going out with, I call it the no makeup “makeup face”
No eyeliner, just a few coats of mascara and I’m ready to go !

And how do you order from them ?
You just need to inbox the item code to them, and they will reply within 24 hours !
Efficient right ? :D
The terms and conditions are :
1) No refundable & exchangeable

2) All item(s) price not included delivery charges

3) Cancellation is not allowed after transaction made

4) Differences of color due to computer monitor setting

5) All the pictures are originally provided by GOLDFINCH JEWELRY, they are just for reference purpose

Payment info
- Payment has to be made within 2 days or else we will automatically pass to next customer unless there's any acceptable reasons
- Buyers need to inform us once transactions are made

Shipping info
- West Malaysia
RM 10
- East Malaysia
RM 15

- We will sent out the tracking number after we post out the parcel

For more info’s you can check out GoldFinch’s facebook page and also don’t forget to “LIKE” their page to follow up on their updates à

they have much more options on their pendants and other accessories there,
for any more inquires, you can also contact their admin
 Or call them at
04-4163231 / 0164447626


My weekends.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hi guys !!
My 1st week of college went well ~ how about you guys? :D
For a whole new sem, I set a whole new target for myself, just because I'm so so so inspired by Karen Kho's hot body, I want to be hot as well...HAHAH !
Speaking of hot, I am pretty annoyed with my new sem's schedule as they separated a class into 2 different subjects and then separate each of these subjects AGAIN into 2 days ! Which in total, 4 FREAKING EXTRA DAYS .
I had to wake up early in the morning from monday-thursday as I have classes from 9-12, then 2-5 EVERYDAY except Friday, which is the only day without any classes.
Doesn't make any sense right...? -.-
But that's not the point lah....what can I do right?
So, last week, from monday to wednesday, I rush home and started my workout routine at home just because I'll get even more lazy just by thinking that I need to walk all the way down to the residential gym...So I just stayed at home with my yoga mat haha.
For the 1st day, those workouts could literally kill me,
and the following days work out just fine and my stamina is getting more and more stable,
I reached thursday, I just couldn't be bothered to workout and I just collapse on my sofa and slept from  4-7pm....AND......I regret it :/

Because once you started it, you'll get motivated by yourself, and you can slowly see the outcome that makes you feel like you're getting closer to your target,
once you stop, your level of laziness will overcome your level of motivation......from 15% laziness--> 40% and by stopping your workout routine,
you gotta start all over again because you'll get even more tired than the time you 1st started off..
then sooner or later......40% laziness---> 50-60% that will lead us to-------> MAJOR OBESE.

okay lah maybe I exaggerate just a little bit....but it could be'll never know :P
Then the second day, on Friday, I went for a photshooting session with a brand new launched online blogshop,
you can search @coco_rossa  on instagram for more updates & info's,
I will do a full review of the shop and show you guys the pretty pics once I receive them,
Here's a preview pic of me wearing the sponsored peplum top which I love so so so much! ♥ hehe so stay tuned :)

right after photshooting, I rushed home, took my shower & changed into the sponsored pink ribbon peplum top (top from pic) with my black Pull & Bear lace skorts, 
and boyfie came to fetch me for dinner and movie ! 

we watched "Grown Ups 2" which is hilarious ! even more hilarious than "The Millers" 
I don't bother to do the whole movie spoiler here like how I used to because now I feel that a movie would be way nicer if the storyline is remained unknown before you watch it ;)
do you think so ? hahaha

right after the movies, we went to Cuvee, as my bestfriend asked me to party with her, and well, 
you guys sorta know me...
as much as I love going to parties, I hardly go clubbing though :/
mainly because my boyfriend is pretty protective and he prefers me to stay home, 
he doesn't like going as well. 
but once in a while is alright I guess? hahaha
I can even count the times I've been into clubs
went to mois once for fun, went to cuvee 3 times (included this time) and soju room once for asahi super dry. 
thats it HAHA. 5 times ! and I'm 18 oh wow....><
So I asked my current classmate Gillian, also a fellow blogger girlfriend of mine to go as well, 
and we got so so so high !

Hi bestfriend  Introducing my ultimate "sei dong" since high school ! YC :P
missing another bestfriend YVONNE YEOH :(( who went to Johor just to pray :( ditched me !!! 

We camwhore so so much because we hardly drink hahahaha :P

Get drunk and partayyyyyyy 

And I was pretty impressed with myself because I reached home around 3am and I slept at 4 am?
I woke up at 8am the next day for my moral class and then meet up with my girls for lunch ! hehe

These 2 are my ultimate blogger girlfriends !
the 1 on the left no need intro lah you all see her a lot from my posts :P Carmen Layrynn !
and the right 1 is Charis from KL !
if you guys remember, she's one of the members from Carmen's group during Celcom's blogger race in KL.
thats how we became friends and I'm so so glad to finally hangout with her in Penang !
We hang out in Moustache Houze and I was so so so disappointed -,-
the flavoured ice drinks really don't taste as good as I had imagined...and the place is so crowded and small...
we ended up in paragon LOL

So good to hang out with you babe ! 
Hope to see you soon again :D 
Top from @coco_rossa as well !

nowadays so free and easy hahaha after daddy got me casio TR15, I saved alot of energy on editing photos as the camera itself make our selfies so flawless dy hahaha PICTURES HAR, not me flawless LOL ><
not so beh paiseh yet. 

and now thanks to Kath Pure for the reccomendations, I am using the Diane.3 pink base sunblock & Hydra Corp booster, I can't wait to show you guys the outcome after 2 weeks ! :D

anyways, so this is how I spent my weekends and my first week of college !