Diane.3 Awesome Review

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hey guys !!  so a few posts ago, I posted that I will be using Diane.3 pink base sunblock recommended by Misspure and I am here to do a mini review for it :D
I had been using it for approximately 3 weeks now,
and I am lovingggggg it !
I had been complaining that I had my uneven complexion and Misspure saved me !

Let me tell you guys something, learning makeup is important for a girl right, 
but we have to learn how to take care of our skin before putting on makeup, 
because if you're skin condition is bad, your makeup ain't gonna stay on your face nicely too so why not heal it instead right?
and there's no point having a pretty face with makeup but shitty without it right ? 
for me, having a bare face is being our true self, but to be honest, I was never daring enough to go out with bare face hahahah !
I don't think any girls that is used to applying makeup is brave enough. 
But after using this sunblock, I feel more comfortable with my bare skin, 
let me tell you why :)

It is a pink base sunscreen that contain SPF25++ that will protect our skin from UV rays, 
and to be honest, I never ever use any sunblock for my skin, and this is the first time, 
so it really protected my skin very well. 
It is not greasy or oily after applying it, it leaves a smooth surface :)

And after I use Diane 3 pink base sunblock, I even have the confident to just apply this sunblock to college everyday instead of a face full of foundation. 
After 3 weeks, my face condition got much more better than before and my complexion improved better and better ! 
and how do I use it ?
1. Cleanse our faces
2. Apply toner
3. Apply moisturizer
4. Apply pink base sunblock 15 minutes before exposing our skin to sun 

But of course, I also did take extra care of my face with facial routines, 
before using the Diane.3 sunblock, I didn't really have a set facial routine everday, 
but just to see a full result of the product, 
I gave in and put more effort to my face and I really did see a huge difference ! 
"Trust me, you will love yourself in the mirror so much more with just 5 minutes of skin care routine everyday
Quoted from qiuqiu and it really did worked !!!! :D
and now, a photo of the before & after :)
the top pic is before, 
the bottom is after, 
before using the sunblock, my skin tone was uneven, and gloomy with a huge pimple -.-
But after using it for 3 weeks, my face complexion had improved, 
and it became brighter and has a pretty healthy glow to it :D
No foundation, no makeup at all :D
Happy girl with happy skin !
* no photoshopped done in any of this pic*

Very typical skin care photo hahahahaha ! 
just for fun :D coz I'm so so so happy with my skin now 

So I am really really happy that I happen to bumped into Katherine (Misspure) and have a conversation with her regarding my skin, and she recommended me her skin care line, 
she also gave me a sample product of the Diane.3 Corp Booster which is a moisturizer. 
I have finished using that, and going to purchase the full size 1 soon :D

Back then I had received a lot of praises for my skin, but let me tell you something really honest,
The face that you all think is flawless and healthy, 
After removing my makeup, I still have old acne scars, dark circles, uneven skin tone, and most of all, PALE LOOKING. 
Its full of flaws that I wanna hide under the foundation layers haha :D
but now,
I am confident enough to use my Diane.3 pink base sunblock out without foundation because my skin had been healed, 
I wouldn't say its totally flawless, but I would say that my face feels so much lighter that makes me feel happy :)

If you wish to know more info's you can view their facebook page and also remember to LIKE it !! 
or contact Miss Pure - katherine_pure@hotmail.com
or add her facebook- www.facebook.com/katherine.pure
to purchase, you can straight contact her number 0124777228

They ship worldwide, and also selling in Paragon Penang's i-Avenue :)


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