Escape Teaser & Launch

Friday, September 20, 2013

Escape Teaser & Launch
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Hey guys ! ever heard of Escape ?
Well, its basically a new launched app by Celcom that allows you to enjoy the entertainment of movies on any of your smart devices anytime, anywhere !
With Escape, your world of entertainment is in your hands,
You can Pause & Play across any devices, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE,
Its also exclusively for all Celcom customers nationwide.

There are over 500 movies with the variety of Hollywood, Korean, Hindi and local movies from only 80 cent per hour.
Not only just that, they also included all sorts of movie genres for example: thriller, action, romance, comedy, drama & horror. Not forgetting live events, live news, concerts, TV series, Red Carpet event and much more !

It is convenient and portable as you can download the application with your smart phone & tablets or even watch it online with your laptops. It is compatible with IOS, Android, MacOS & Windows.

With its special function “Pause & Play” you can pause the movie on one device and continue watching it on the other, that way, you will never miss your favourite show again !

There are always new recommendations on top of the news feed for us to choose, and as you can see from the print screen above, its really simple and straight forward to use.

Now you have no reasons to say you have no time for movies anymore !
Escape will always be with you :D

How to sign up?
Pretty easy ! Just log on to and register with your personal details + your celcom number,
Once they send the pin code to your number to verify you as a Celcom user,
You’re ready to use Escape ! :D

What more??
Escape is giving out prices exclusively for Celcom users !
All you need to do is guess the mystery person……..;)

Alright lahhhh I’ll hand out some clues for you guys :P
1. “I’ve been to Shanghai twice. In a rush hour, three times.”
2. “I guided The Kid. I became The Master.”

That mystery guy’s hand reaching out through water ripple !
Who could that be ? :/

Watch the video for more hints !
A man fighting off several guys with his kungfu moves but we can’t see his face :/
It could be anyone from any movie…..
IP man? Kungfu Panda? Hmm…..I wonderrrrrr D:

Guess the person right and you will get a irresistible reward on Escape !
Its your chance NOW to win hours and hours of video content,
So if you know who that mystery guy is, SMS your answer to 20888,
It doesn’t matter how many times you send as long as you’re a Celcom user :D

 Have fun with your new app guys !
Enjoy your night <3


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