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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello helloooooo !
Its been awhile since I last posted a personal review on the products that I love and compare with the ones that weren't so promising to me,
so I did spare a little time out to do this short little review on the recent products and past products that I have bought,
some works amazingly & well on my skin, but some did not. So today, I'm going to put it to a test, you know do some swatches and comparisons and then some explanation why I don't find it suitable for me.
Okay, I'll start off with the BB cream that I bought recently,
it was really random actually, I like to buy a bunch of non-sense home to test and try out,
so I was in Guardian, and Hada Labo's BB cream is on crazy sale I think the ori price was 60MYR ? and they were selling off at 25MYR  D:
and I've been using Hada Labo's facial toner, its really hydrating and soothing so I assume it would be the same for the BB cream.
this is how the package looks like, 
it says there 10-in-1 function 
SPF 50+PA++ 
what are the 10 functions ?
-Brightens complexion
-Perfects skin tone
-UV Protection 
-Anti - Aging
-Oil Control
-Minimize Pores
-Anti Oxidant
( all these sounds so familiar hor? Kanebo Freshel has the same functions HAHA read HERE
Its also low irritation, free of fragrance, mineral oil & alcohol with a velvety smooth finish.

[consistency is quite thick compared to the BRTC BB that I use daily ]

and I used it for the 1st day of college and I could not take any selfies at all. -.-
my eye bags showed so clearly, and my skin tone is so yellowish I look like I belong to the Simpsons family I'm not even kidding. 
my skin tone is already yellow originally, so I use this colour really emphasized on how yellow my skin is & I don't really like it. 
plus, its still quite sticky after applying it. 

NOW, lets compare it with my all time favourite ! BRTC 
I know lah...I talk a lot abt BRTC hahaha but it really is very nice !!! 
the Hada Labo air BB has SPF50+PA++ 
BRTC has SPF28+PA++
air BB is 40g, 
BRTC is 35g. 

so far, everything also less than the Hada Labo air BB
But the texture, the outcome is wayyyyy better than Hada Labo! 
check out the colour
Hada Labo appear much more yellowish, BRTC fits just right, and it has a glowy finish BUT not sticky at all, 
really is velvety finish 1 lor, Hada Labo a bit stickier .
So you're skin tone is around like mine, or even fairer, BRTC might suit you very well, 
and its also damn damn damn easy to blend out as it is a Aqua Rush BB. 
So for those who are very into the "No Makeup" makeup look, 
BRTC is perfecttttt :)

Next, is my ultimate favourite ! the very basic Urban Decay Naked Flushed, 
I've had this for quite sometime already, I got it when I was in KL, 
that was because I broke my bronzer and I was casually shopping in Paradigm mall and I spotted this in Sephora so I was like WOW perfect ! 

The bronzer colour is just perfect, like the warmness of the colour is just nice. 
and the price for this is below 150MYR thats how I remembered it, 
and with 3 different colours in it, very worth while leh ! 
other bronzers, like the single colour ones are like at least 150MYR for one lor, the really good brands lah, 
don't talk about the cheap ones. 
and Urban Decay is quite okay, not to say too high end but higher than drug store product right ? :D

I've swatched the colours for you guys, 
and look !!  the bronzer and highlighter is SO PRETTYYYYY ! 
If you notice closely, out of 3 colours above, all 3 of them has abit of a shimmer in them, 
this will also add some glow into our complexion, 
and as you know, stars are always glowy, commoners, NOT GLOWY :P
The blusher colour is very dark so if you wanna get this pallete than try not to apply to too much of the blusher because it might accidentally make you look old >< 
but if you do, try to apply lightly, then I think the colour is quite flattering lah :)

The next product would be the Benefit's Pore-fessional. 
I am madly in love with this product because it really covers up all the big visible pores and its none greasy and it doesn't clog up the pores as well ! 

The consistency is quite thick also, it turns matte and more transloosen right after we spread out evenly on our skin tone so it can be used on any skin tone :)

Not sure if you can tell, but the left hand is much much smoother than the right hand ! 
it covers up fine line as well :D

For those who had seen me with no makeup at all, 
they would know that I'm VERY PALE originally.
So besides the BRTC BB cream that saved my yellow skin, 
the next awesome product also saved me from being pale and it could last me the whole day ! 
its the Benefit's Benetint ! 

This is actually my second bottle already I think ?
its easy to use because it is in liquid form, and our skin tend to absorb liquid way faster, 
it can be used as a blusher, or a lip tint. 
it is water proof AND kiss proof too :P
Like for those who wants a natural flush this is the right product to get.

After blending out with my fingers, 
all you can see is a natural pinkish flush that looks like it is your natural skin flushing ! 

Okay, so I guess my makeup review is up to here, 
not much to complain about just the Hada Labo BB really disappoints me a little bit, 
maybe coz the colour is a bit yellow toned and it didn't cover up a lot of my flaws as well. 
the other products are my absolute fav ! 
and now, 
I'm gonna do a mini review for my new camera ! 
if you had read my Liebster Award post, 
in my wish list, I wanted a Casio Exilim TR15, 
and my dad had got me 1 last week and I'm really really thrilled now ! 

This is how it actually looks like, 
quite handy, perfect for selfies. 

It's famous for it's structure which can be twisted 180 degrees to the way you like it to be.

And for those of you who don't know, 
this camera is called the " Self Portrait Camera" which mainly focus on self portrait, 
and even the out look and design is mainly for self portrait. 
Casio is very smart because they are targeting weak female species like me, 
and they had succeeded hahaha ! 

It also has functions like Makeup, and dreamy effect etc.
it can also be in control mode, we can use our smart phones to control it with its exilim application, 
so its really convenient if we wanna place it somewhere far for a group photo, we can always use our smart phone to snap the pics.
It also has its very own wifi, so after we snap our pics, we can directly send it to our smart phones, 
and directly post it on our social medias :)
I super super love it ! 
the only thing I'm annoyed about it, is that we can't off the flash light, 
its auto and FOREVER auto, but its okay also actually coz the flash's outcome doesn't look like its flashed also, and it doesn't make us look "oily" hahaha 
so its okay :)

signing off now ! 
goodnight guys 
[ photo captured by my new TR15 ! NO EDITED SOMEMOREEEE !!! AWESOME RIGHT ? :P ]



  1. I'm getting the BRTC BB cream and Benefit's Porefessional! :P Nice review!! Love it!!

  2. Hi, may I know where can I get the BRTC BB cream?