Four Little Pigs - Caviar Nails tutorial

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sponsored Nail Tutorial

I believed the latest nail trend now is the micro caviar nails, at least to me it still is :P
Caviar nails are nails with 3D micro caviar beads decorated on top. 
They come in different colours and we can play along with it with different designs and styles! 

And special thanks to Four Little Pigs for sponsoring me this set of caviar nail set ! 
I finally get to test and try the "Caviar nail art" :D

Now, I'll intro a little bit to you guys about this cute online blogshop - Four Little Pigs
They are a newly set up blogshop on Facebook that are currently selling nail polishes, and hair accessories.
Their price are all really really affordable and one thing I really love about their shop is their NAIL POLISH !
I'm a girl that adores mani pedi, 
I can paint nicely for other people...
I'm always so bad at painting or designing them on my very own nails :/

so today, I'm going to demo the caviar nails on 1 of my closest friend, Carmen :)

There were 2 tubes of caviar [1 in flocking velvet, 1 in beads form] and 1 pink colour nail polish :)
PINK ! One of my ultimate fav colour ever :P
they even come with interesting caviar & velvet nail arts
Flocking Velvet

And the well known caviar beads ! :D

So lets START !

STEP 1 : Trim, buff & shape your nails
and also not forgetting to top your nails off with a layer of base coat :)

STEP 2 : Paint your nails
Here I am going to paint the colour that Four Little Pigs had given me which is a really pretty baby pink colour. 
the texture of the nail polish is thicker than the ordinary nail polish and that, I believe it would last way longer as well.

STEP 3 : Pour the caviar on the nails
this is the fun part, you have to actually wait for the nail polish to be semi dry, then you pour the caviar beads on it. 
make sure you have a cloth/paper beneath the area that you're working on the nails so that it is easier to clean up later on.

after pouring the caviar beads on to the nails, pick up the cloth/paper and pour them back into the tube

STEP 4 : Top it off with top coat 
Here I'm using my own shiny top coat.
Applying a layer of top coat on top of the caviar beads is like applying an extra layer of protection to prevent the beads from moving or falling off :)

And thee you have it ! 
Pretty colourful caviar nail art :D
For me, I only did on the ring finger because I personally feel that it would look "too colourful" if I apply the caviar beads on all five fingers ><

Now, I'm going to try the flocking velvet design 1 :P
I repeated the first 2 steps, and now, I proceed to the 3rd step which is dipping our semi dry nails into the flocking velvet elements. 

After approximately 10-20 minutes, 
apply the top coat to protect the velvety layer from falling off easily
unless you wanna feel the velvety layer on your finger then you can skip this step :P

This is how it looks like without the top coat~

And this is after applying top coat :P
I personally feel without top coat nicer for this velvety layer hehe :)

So what do you think ?
sick of painting old boring plain nails ? :P
Then do not forget to check out Four Little Pig's facebook page and make sure you give them a "like"

for more info's you can also email their admin :

I hope you enjoyed reading/looking at pictures of this tutorial and I hope to write to you guys really soon again !

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