My weekends.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hi guys !!
My 1st week of college went well ~ how about you guys? :D
For a whole new sem, I set a whole new target for myself, just because I'm so so so inspired by Karen Kho's hot body, I want to be hot as well...HAHAH !
Speaking of hot, I am pretty annoyed with my new sem's schedule as they separated a class into 2 different subjects and then separate each of these subjects AGAIN into 2 days ! Which in total, 4 FREAKING EXTRA DAYS .
I had to wake up early in the morning from monday-thursday as I have classes from 9-12, then 2-5 EVERYDAY except Friday, which is the only day without any classes.
Doesn't make any sense right...? -.-
But that's not the point lah....what can I do right?
So, last week, from monday to wednesday, I rush home and started my workout routine at home just because I'll get even more lazy just by thinking that I need to walk all the way down to the residential gym...So I just stayed at home with my yoga mat haha.
For the 1st day, those workouts could literally kill me,
and the following days work out just fine and my stamina is getting more and more stable,
I reached thursday, I just couldn't be bothered to workout and I just collapse on my sofa and slept from  4-7pm....AND......I regret it :/

Because once you started it, you'll get motivated by yourself, and you can slowly see the outcome that makes you feel like you're getting closer to your target,
once you stop, your level of laziness will overcome your level of motivation......from 15% laziness--> 40% and by stopping your workout routine,
you gotta start all over again because you'll get even more tired than the time you 1st started off..
then sooner or later......40% laziness---> 50-60% that will lead us to-------> MAJOR OBESE.

okay lah maybe I exaggerate just a little bit....but it could be'll never know :P
Then the second day, on Friday, I went for a photshooting session with a brand new launched online blogshop,
you can search @coco_rossa  on instagram for more updates & info's,
I will do a full review of the shop and show you guys the pretty pics once I receive them,
Here's a preview pic of me wearing the sponsored peplum top which I love so so so much! ♥ hehe so stay tuned :)

right after photshooting, I rushed home, took my shower & changed into the sponsored pink ribbon peplum top (top from pic) with my black Pull & Bear lace skorts, 
and boyfie came to fetch me for dinner and movie ! 

we watched "Grown Ups 2" which is hilarious ! even more hilarious than "The Millers" 
I don't bother to do the whole movie spoiler here like how I used to because now I feel that a movie would be way nicer if the storyline is remained unknown before you watch it ;)
do you think so ? hahaha

right after the movies, we went to Cuvee, as my bestfriend asked me to party with her, and well, 
you guys sorta know me...
as much as I love going to parties, I hardly go clubbing though :/
mainly because my boyfriend is pretty protective and he prefers me to stay home, 
he doesn't like going as well. 
but once in a while is alright I guess? hahaha
I can even count the times I've been into clubs
went to mois once for fun, went to cuvee 3 times (included this time) and soju room once for asahi super dry. 
thats it HAHA. 5 times ! and I'm 18 oh wow....><
So I asked my current classmate Gillian, also a fellow blogger girlfriend of mine to go as well, 
and we got so so so high !

Hi bestfriend  Introducing my ultimate "sei dong" since high school ! YC :P
missing another bestfriend YVONNE YEOH :(( who went to Johor just to pray :( ditched me !!! 

We camwhore so so much because we hardly drink hahahaha :P

Get drunk and partayyyyyyy 

And I was pretty impressed with myself because I reached home around 3am and I slept at 4 am?
I woke up at 8am the next day for my moral class and then meet up with my girls for lunch ! hehe

These 2 are my ultimate blogger girlfriends !
the 1 on the left no need intro lah you all see her a lot from my posts :P Carmen Layrynn !
and the right 1 is Charis from KL !
if you guys remember, she's one of the members from Carmen's group during Celcom's blogger race in KL.
thats how we became friends and I'm so so glad to finally hangout with her in Penang !
We hang out in Moustache Houze and I was so so so disappointed -,-
the flavoured ice drinks really don't taste as good as I had imagined...and the place is so crowded and small...
we ended up in paragon LOL

So good to hang out with you babe ! 
Hope to see you soon again :D 
Top from @coco_rossa as well !

nowadays so free and easy hahaha after daddy got me casio TR15, I saved alot of energy on editing photos as the camera itself make our selfies so flawless dy hahaha PICTURES HAR, not me flawless LOL ><
not so beh paiseh yet. 

and now thanks to Kath Pure for the reccomendations, I am using the Diane.3 pink base sunblock & Hydra Corp booster, I can't wait to show you guys the outcome after 2 weeks ! :D

anyways, so this is how I spent my weekends and my first week of college !


  1. Actually I was also inspired by KarenKho and so jelly with her freaking hot sexy body shape, but when I start to do my home workout, I really felt exhausted and giving up. I just starts for two days and stopped!!!Lolzzz
    Btw, where you bought your yoga mat?

    1. yesss I know right ?? I was lazy at first but I forced myself to workout haha :D I bought from tesco !

  2. Thx~~~=))
    Add oil for our goals!!!
    You looks a bit like Povy Teng~

    1. yesss !! add oil together :) welcome naaaaa x
      HAHA I get that a lot >< I think coz of our high cheek bone naa, she's so so much prettier !! <3

  3. It's a nice but simple dress... looks good on u. I like ur hair too :)