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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I was scrolling through my camera roll and I realized how many pictures I have in that thin piece of technology,
I remembered deleting the ones that weren't edited and keeping the edited ones because they're obviously nicer, but my pictures are still 1.4k+++
and nowadays I don't even camwhore with my iphone anymore since I have the casio *not trying to brag, just trying to promote that its pretty handy*
There's one other thing that I realized, and now feel sort of guilty for it ><
I am always in Gurney or Paragon hanging out with friends or boyfriend and there was this particular week where I go out almost everyday with different group of friends and some of them are bloggers too so you might find them pretty familiar, but I didn't have the time to update any "hang out posts", okay lah, not to say no time, I have the time, but at some point I told myself that "hang out post" can wait, but some advertorials have yeah I posted about them first and after some time I forgot about all these hang out posts :/ hahaha and my blogger girlfriends had already write about it, and I haven't UNTIL NOW HAHAHA I'm such a lazy bum.
and I remembered back than it was all these simple posts that started my blog and now I kinda leave my personal life out on my page and I feel damn bad >< I should start balancing out the best of both worlds :D

Anyways, I will list the date out one by one for each day and will elaborate more about my awesome hang out with my baby girls <3

Sep 13- Which was also the day I attended Jelly Bunny opening
Right after the event, I called my friend Jean, and she ask Lynn to come along as well,
and 3 of us catch up with each other and well, they were complaining how shitty their college life is and how weird one can be hahaha gotta love these 2 <3
Back in high school right, whenever I face any consequences, I will talk to Jean to calm myself down and she is really good at analyzing the whole situation for me, small sized girl, mature thinking hahaha.
Our hands shook abit so the picture is a little I won't enlarge the size of it
This is Lynn, one of the most hard working girl I've ever met in my life. She's almost perfect in every thing, we'll not almost, but PERFECT. She can get good grades and by good grades I meant straight A's, she can run, sort of an athlete, she can dance (one of the group member of the Kpop competition I've joined with), and she's popular & pretty too! You don't usually find qualities like this in 1 person you know, sometimes they're beautiful on the outside but inside abit rotten, but this girl is amazing. How amazing I would say? She's the type of girl that I really admire, her attitude is similar like mine, STRAIGHT IN YOUR FACE FORWARD ;) not everybody has the guts to show it, and that's also one of the reasons why we're great friends till now <3

My Babiesssss <3
after Starbucks, we just head home hahaha nothing much special but I just really miss them as I don't always get to see them, they're both from Inti, and live really far away from where I live...Batu Ferringhi -.-
so yeahhhh these 2 are my smarty pants buddy that always get good grades :P

Sep 14- Lunch :)
Ever since I've entered college, I've been sticking to Carmen Ngo alot, and she's my electro house buddy hahahah! 
she have a bestfriend- Elynn which happens to be so skinny, I feel like I'm obese standing next to her OMG. 
So one day we decided to have Domino's together and get to know each other better since I'm hanging out alot with Carmen, so she thinks it'll be nice to meet up with her bestfriend as well lah :D

Haiiii !
I swear to god, I found a spot in Paragon that is damn good for selfies ! :P

Haiiiii Elynn ;)

Haiii hyper buddy hahaha :P
Party hard in our next outing yes? :P

God damn love the lightings <3
they claimed that they feel like "real girls" when shopping with me -.-
Just because I brain wash them with " you don't think, you just buy"
HAHAH stooooopeeedddd <3
Lets have pizza again soon kk? hehe :* 

Sep-16 -The Chubby Bunny
It was Malaysia's day I remembered, and I was so bored I decided to call the friend that stays nearest to me, Kimberly to have lunch :)
Surprisingly, she was tweeting about how bored her day would be too ! so we ended up in Pie Harbour, Paragon and catch up with each other.
She was telling me about this video she was shooting with her Singaporean friend and it failed because non of them could do the challenge properly or what not, so I was like WHY DON'T WE FILM IT INSTEAD?
So we head to Tesco, got ourselves a packet of plain huge marshmallows, and started filming my first ever challenge video-Chubby Bunny :D

Please excuse my sampat-ness, if you actually know me as a friend, I'm not a girly girl that takes care of my image and what not, I like being myself when I'm with my friends :D
explains why I'm still in contact with them yes? ;)

Will be filming more challenges in the future ;)
speaking of films, my classmate, Steven had recently set up a new filming page thing,
And he really is very talented ! Not I say only kay, just beause he's my friend, but Jinny Boy also followed his youtube account leh :D
And he only have one video that time! he just released his 2nd short film tonight! support kay :)
His page is HERE 

Sep19 - Dinner with babeeee
Its been some time since I catch up with my bestfriend YC, so we headed to El Faro for dinner ;)
great environment, great wine, great food :D
W hardly ever have time together and actully catch up because Yvonne Yeoh will always hang with us, but this time YC forgot to invite Von, and she ended up going to mainland with her family hahaha so left both of us.
I had a great time with her and have a real heart-to-heart talk with her seriously made my night one of the best nights ever <3
Hi dear <3

My outfit for the night is a floral dress-like jumper suit sponsored by Jonquilkiss :)

Must act chio :P

after a few days, Yvonne called me and tell me that YC is flying over to Singapore real soon to further her studies and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO !
So we held a mini gathering for her before she leaves, 
we had dinner in Lameizi, OUR ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE !
and than headed of to Snake Shisha to chill :)
With ze bestfriend Von, and the other one don't wanna take with me :((

From the left, Szeker, Yingching, Mabel, Von, Me

From the left, Szeker, YC, Von, Me.
Please promise to take care of yourself there okay? must remember to eat, shit and sleep.
Don't always party already if not next time no private jet to bring us shopping in Paris, 
and most of all don't forget me and Von okay? we'll always be here waiting for you to come back.
and will be waiting for you to go Avicii with us :P
hahahhaa LOVE YOU SIAO PO <3

Sep 20 - Esther's 21st Bday 
Me and Carmen Layrynn was invited to attend Esther's 21st birthday, and you all might recognize her as the Uniqueen's owner ;)
The location was in Ferringhi Villa which is great because it is near my place so boyf don't have to go up and down fetching me ><
Happy golden 21st pastel girl :D

Ting Ting :P

Love this pic !! 

Companion of the night <3

Baby Baby Babyyy OHHHHHH <3

with the birthday girl !
Don't be tipu by the pic, she's actually much much much taller than I am ><
Love her cake so much !

Sep 21-22 -Szeker's Birthday Cuvee night ;)
Szeker's birthday celebration was held in Cuvee and we partied hard !
hahaha not that hard lah but we had fun ;)
Boyf accompanied me as well, and Fione, our blogger darling is there with Gillian and I met a lot of long lost friends, darling friends like Gemi !

Happy Birthday girl !!! 

Love this pic so so so much !! <3

Hi love <3
So black

That's pretty much it for my hang out post, there is one more hang out post with Carmen Layrynn but I will put it in the next post, because its like 1 whole day so yeah...and this post is abit longer than I expected it to be, so I better draw my full stop here.

till the next time :)

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