Gather's cafe & Shelyn's birthday

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hello hello !
Its little miss lazy pig again ;p
owhh man, my last update was 5 days ago about food post,
and now, I'm sitting in my living room typing about food once again :D
life is so full of joy, and in life, its the wonderful food that brings the joy to life..*at least to me it is*
so for today, I will be sharing about a little cafe that is pretty much in trend right now, it is located in butterworth and definitely worth it for me to go half way across Penang just to try their food and enjoy their peaceful environment.

* Gather's cafe * 
* in case you can't read my chio font *

So early in the morning that day, boyfriend fetched me over to Carmen Layrynn's place, 
and we took the ferry there, hahaha this is a inside joke, because I made him take the ferry.
So me & Carmen hang out a bit in Gather's cafe and there isn't a word that can describe how amazing the environment is. 
they even have rules for their cafe on some board signs.
there's 22 rules in total and their rules are quite cute i would say
* picture stolen from google*
* because I forgot to take a pic of it that day*

But most of all, I love the decorations and the lighting

And also, the food price is SUPER REASONABLE, like I'm not even kidding, 
all of the food are like 5-9 myr only !
not more than 10myr!! 

We ordered 3 flavors of waffles, tuna, pasta cheese & and cheese *salty salty 1* 

Our cute drinks !! 
Carmen's hazelnut and my macchiato

Lastly, the star of the cafe, Teddy bear caramel ice cream <3 <3 

Carmen babe <3

Us <3

Carmen finally got her pinky cam ! 
Now we're officially twin buddy <3
If you're interested to order this casio model, you can contact Carmen Layrynn for more info's :)

Outfit of the day sponsored by Coco Rossa <3 
Oversized off shoulder knitted top 
Comes in both brown and pink 

Make sure to visit their page before their stocks run out !
My outfit of the night is also sponsored by Coco Rossa :)
Black chiffon off shoulder top 

Love love love Shelyn's birthday cup cakes ! 
Vain 99 with them :D

Happy birthday Shelyn !! Enjoy your last teen years to the max ! :)
Also stay sweet with your boyfriend~ 
I know we had some unwanted misunderstandings back than, 
but things got better and of course happier now, 
good luck in everything, wish you all the best ! xx
Group pic of the night ! 
* From the left *

That's all for my post today :)
thank you so much for reading / scrolling throughout the pictures , 
till the next time ! 
I'm extending the Halloween twitter contest a little bit longer since I haven't collect the passes yet, 
so any of you who wants to attend the halloween party on 31st of October in China House Penang, make sure to tweet me " I want to party with @jxhia on halloween" and I will pick my favorite few :D


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