Heaven gate & a lil surprise ;)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hey there ! how are you guys doing??
I've been pretty busy with my mid terms lately and couldn't update any posts,
that's how this post ended up so so so delayed,
but anyways,
you guys remember Carmen Layrynn right?
yups, its us again ;D hahaha

we went out for lunch and decided to go heaven gate, because I missed the food review and I heard the environment is UH-mazing so we just got to go have a look ;)
This picture looks so nautical hahaha! like from a sailor's boat 

Not to mention, the food is great ! but the portion is a little bit too much >< 
I know, its worth it, BUT we're both girls....so we can't really finish them 

Selca selca selca with my Casio hehehe 

After lunch, we headed off to the new dessert place -- Victoria Sweet Pastry
My expectations were pretty high for that restaurant as many people posted about it, 
it sort of disappointed me a bit that the pastries are too sweet. 

you know what? I'm so sorry ><
because I delay this post for too long, until I lost the 2 pics of the pastries.....! 
The one and only pic I have is with me in it HAHA ! 
*my face is all over the place ..... annoying right ? :/ 

My outfit of the day, a simple white elegant maxi sponsored by Matches Boutique :)

And that's pretty much about our afternoon tea and lunch together~ 
so, what's the surprise you're waiting for ? ;)
I am invited to a upcoming Halloween party !!
What are you guys gonna dress as ? 
You know I've once heard a quote from mean girls 
" Halloween is the only festive season where all the girls can wear as slutty as they want, put on an animal ear hairband and no one will say anything about it " 
But not in Malaysia...I predict you will get summon from the police LOLOL. 

the party will be at :
Venue: China House 153, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown.
Date: 31st Oct 2013
Time: 10p.m.
The exciting part is, I will be giving out TWO PAIRS of tickets to any of my readers ! 
It is an amazing chance for us to bond, get to know each other etc, 
Not only me & me alone will be there lah, its pretty sad if so..hahaha
Other well known bloggers, and pretty ladies will be there too ! 

How to get these passes ?
Post on your twitter saying : "I want to party with @jxhia on halloween ! " 
and I will select my favourite TWO :)
The dead line is on 27th of Oct !

I need names for RSVP really really really soonnnnn 
So start tweeting now !
And we'll party hard together with our weird ass costumes :D
Good luck guys <3 x