Sam's Groceria's Official Launching

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello Hello !
I was really glad that Carmen and Leonard invited me to this event,
that is the Sam's Groceria launching in Gurney Paragon Penang.

There were a few performance done by the workers with props from the kitchen.

Our pretty emcee of the day.

After a few speeches, we were directed downstairs to the lower ground area to have a short tour the inside of sam's.*Picture credits to Carmen*

This is the touch n go card courtesy of Sam's, it can be use as a debit card in Sam's :)
Thanks to Sam's groceria, we get rm50 topped up in the touch n go already ! 

These came along with the goodie bag they gave us, its the Sam's family loyalty card, 
there's 4 of them here, we can give to our parents, sisters, brothers etc.
It really brings grocery shopping to the next level hahaha if you know what I mean. 
Because with this card, we are able to use the portable scanner.

This is the self scnner rack, here's how it works, 1st, scan our Sam's loyalty card in the middle first, 
than any of the self scanner will light up :)

Tadaaaaa! the items you scanned will appear on the screen, you are able to delete from the list too :)
Its shopping time !!!!  FOODDDDDD :D

Fatty me tasting chocolate and my hand holding the love of my life----> Pringles :P

One thing really good about the Sam's Groceria is that every they also categorize all the food from different countries! 
There's middle east~

All of you kpop lover's favourite LOL korea~

My favourite! Japannnnnnn <3

Once, you're done shopping, you don't have to wait in the line to pay, you can straight proceed to the special self scanner counter, and hand them the scanner.

They will check your shopping items, and the list in the scanner, than all you need to do is pay the amount of money or scan your touch n go card ! :)

Right after the mini tour in the Sam's groceria, the media crew all gathered infront of Sam's Deli and have our lunch.
the food there was actually surprisingly decent~

Hellooo from the nest table ! 
*from left*
Fione, Gillian, Rickho

My table ! 
*from left*
Esther, Christina, Carmen, Me :)

Lemme intro you to the ma ladies ;)
My baby <3 Carmen Layrynn 

Fione Darling <3

Dear Gillian <3

Pretty Esther <3

Cutie pie Ms Kuan :D <3

Pretty classmate Rickho <3

Groupie ! 
*from the left*
Christina, Me, Leonard, Rickho, Hsien yee, Fione, Gillian, Carmen, Esther 

*From the left*
Christina, Fione, Gillian, Carmen, Leonard, Me, Rickho, Hsien Yee, Esther

I had such a wonderful day with them ! 
took lots of photos and ate lots of food hahaha :D
My outfit of the day !
Actually its the same thing I wore to Kate's workshop hahaha but slightly different coz I have short hair now~

Hello :)

Denim jacket: Forever 21
White camisole: Kitschen
Custom made initial necklace : Glam Tags

Camo skater skirt: Shop October 26

Wedge booty: H&M 

for more info's about Sam's groceria, you can go to their 
facebook page:

thanks for reading guys

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