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Friday, November 1, 2013

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Good news girls !
Nail bar penang is now having promotion for gel nail painting :D
only rm38 !
Nail bar Penang is one of my favorite nail boutiques in penang as the place is really comfortable and the environment is just so relaxing
not to mention the workers there are absolutely friendly as well !
this time, they sponsored me a set of gel manicure and normal nail polished pedicure for me :)
I was so excited as this is actually my first nail-do sponsor ever and before they even sponsor me, I had been there before and absolutely love the service & environment,
really hyped once I receive the good news :D

I chose this simple design because I wanted something clean for the moment, 
And for my toes, I usually choose a more shimmering polish so that it kind of highlights any shoe I wear, especially sandals :)

A closer look of my manicure :)
My pedicure is nothing much special, so I didn't have a clearer pic of it

Look at the soothing environment~
its so warm and just suitable for people that needed a relax + pamper session 

Not to mention the place is extremely clean and tidy.

Nail Bar penang is so far the one and only nail boutique that has the finest and detailed designs, 
one of the worker there is actually my senior from my private school and her art work are fantastic, 
and almost any designs you want, she is able to replicate them ! 
This is done by herself, on her very own nail. 
*picture stolen from chiew wen's instagram :)* 

Any of you girls that are interested, you can always log on to their website or give them a call for inquires, 
Remember to book your time before going there so that you can book the time that you desire :)
all the info's are down there :

Thanks for reading, 
and goodnight guys <3


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