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Monday, November 18, 2013

Helloooo beauty lovers :)
I am going to be doing a short and quick personal review of some of the product that I really really love, and their prices are all quite reasonable too
you can get most of the products listed below from sephora, 
I will also link the website here for you if there's a better price :D
So let's get started !
First off, I would love to say one more time : I LOVE BENEFIT PRODUCTS.
Its almost like none of the product does not suit or work on me, 
I've tried most of it, and I absolutely love them !
One of my main concern about my face is my dark eye rings, 
not much people noticed about my dark eye rings as I always conceal them, 
and a lot of you guys asked what kind of concealer I use, and which is the best for under eyes, 
I would definitely recommend Benefit's Fake Up, 
*I stole this image from google because I just realized I forgot to take the picture myself and yeah...its 2am in the morning *
As you can see, the concealer content is in the middle part, and the outer part is surrounded by moisturizer in a thicker form, and it has 3 different kind of collar tone choices.
this will actually help us moisturize our under eye area and makes life easier for us when it comes to blending, as it is more moist. 
Other concealer like maybelline and mac are a little bit too thick and heavy to wear all day, 
but this is so light, I just need to put on my sunscreen and wipe a few on the concealer under my eyes and I'm good to go. 

i know, my under eyes are damn horrible hahaha
but its okay! because I have benefits fake up :P
the difference is not so much on picture, but in person it is more visible. 
and if you add some BB cream/foundation, it will not only last longer but it will cover more also. 
Just to test on scars, I have red weird spots on the side of my cheek in the left pic, I covered some fake up on them and it reduced the redness.

I am a huge laneige fan. 
I had been using their moisturizer earlier and now I had slowly changed my whole skin care routine to Laneige already. 

But the main thing is, I wanna emphasize more on the Balancing Emulsion
Before visiting the Laneige counter, I actually didn't know that Balancing emulsion existed.
it is a lotion sort of thing, but it is applied with cotton pad after toner and before serum so that impurities from our skin will be lifted off, and it will make the serum absorb better. 
Leaving you a bright a clear skin, almost glass looking. 
I had been loving this product, I had been using the sample pack and I recently finally bought the larger size and I can't wait to use it. 

You can actually see how moisturize it is.

The next product is actually crucial in a skincare routine, 
it is the Clinique eye cream. 
Before I decided to use an eye cream, 
I keep asking myself if i really needed it or is it going to suit me, 
I had done research and so much more reviews, and I had narrow down the list of amazing eye cream to this product. 
it is important because we can't actually use our moisturizer around our under eye area or our eye lid as it will either be too heavy or leave the skin oily. 
I had this bad habit of rubbing my eyes since young and nowadays, if I actually rub my eyes, a weird peeled skin will grow under my eye, sort of like a layer of horrible dead skin cell. 
and then my right eye's inner eyes corner got really dry and cracked and have a weird peeled skin too. 
So I really panicked and since I've done my research, I might as well go for this cream and see if it works, 
it really does guys. 
in just 3 days,
the weird dead skin is gone, 
my inner corners are healed. 
lesson learned, never rub our eyes and eye cream is definitely crucial. haha 

For the ones that I see in person frequently like my classmates would know that I am pale. No, I'm serious, like DEADLY pale.
the only reason that happen is because I don't wear any makeup to school when I'm in my glasses and my lips are originally colorless .
its horrible to have people walking to you and ask if you're okay or if you're sick just because you're naturally pale,
and there's no way I wear lipstick to college without makeup right ?? It'll be too contrast.
so I found a solutions to that,
it is the Clinique Chubby Stick in number 11 Two ton tomato.
this is a tinted balm that I found out from Chrissy's video,
and it really is very moisturizing at the same time, it gives you a touch of color.

It is also good for coverage as you can see, I have 2 tiny moles on my lower lip as I used to have cracked and chap lips, 
and after applying it, it is still visible but it make it less obvious :)

The next thing I wanna talk about is the Sephora Express Dry Shampoo for hair,
I don't know about you guys, but I have long period classes,
majorities are from 9am-5pm and lunch break in between,
and I stay super super far, so it is almost impossible for me to go home and shower before the second session class of the day,
I absolutely love this,
it is light weight, easy to use and it also give a little bit more volume to our hair.
I'm always afraid to stink, I believe all of us girls are,
so having this with me all the time is to make sure my hair ain't greasy and disgusting,
leaving it a fresh texture, plus, it is only RM29.90
So why not right ?

Not forgetting my recent obsession,
I am sure if you watch beauty blogs a lot, or read beauty blogs a lot,
you would definitely seen this amazing tool before,
it is the Clarisonic Mia 2,
What so amazing about it and what does it do ?
It is a electronic facial wash !
We always cleanse our face using our hands and a lot of times, we wouldn't know whether did we cleanse it properly.
this tool can cleanse our face up to x6 times more cleaner!
It is also water proof so that it doesn't electric shock us while washing our faces.
It comes with a brush header which you have to change every 3 months, a charger, a testing cleanser and a casing to keep it.
At first I was thinking, there aren't any holes on this tool,
how am I going to charge? If you look at the 3rd picture below, the charger is sort of weird looking as well, there isn't a head to plug in to the tool.
So I read the hand book and it said that it is called the pLink charger,
it supposedly just magnetically attached to the handle and once the charger is on, the indicator light will glow in and out to show that it is charging. HOW COOL IS THAT ?

You can purchase this from Sephora, but they are selling it at RM500++
and I personally feel that it is a little bit over priced,
so after reading Bellakuan's blog, she mentioned that she bought hers from and they are selling it at ONLY RM350 NOW !
I order right away.
the promotion will end soon and the price will be increased to the normal market price so, hurry up girls !

this hot pink is only available online because they get the stock from other country, the Sephora in Malaysia only has the lighter baby pink and the other weird colors that I'll never buy.

Another thing that I got from is the perfume atomizer,
I was quite stupid and I went to spend money on perfume miniature that costs a lot,
until I found out about this product, I totally give up on miniatures.
I like to bring miniature out because sometimes, the perfume doesn't really last all day and I just need to touch up a little bit in between,
so bring the full size out is a nono. what if it breaks? My bag will probably smell damn nice for a very long time but I will be sad because there goes my money.
a bottle of EDT, not cheap.
I still need to buy extra miniature some more. -.-
girls are so mahuan.
What this atomizer does is, it is a portable perfume refilled kind of thing,
you can pump the perfume you want inside with a easy method,
and when you're done using it, you can re-pump new fragrance in again!
how convenient hor???
And the color its cute some more.
1. Take off the perfume sprayer cap
2. there's the tube 
3. there's a rubber whole thing underneath the atomizer, 
4. squeeze the tube into the hole *sounds pretty wrong* and pump the perfume into the tube 

Tadaaaaaa <3

Thanks for reading again guys <3
I'll be updating real soon again 


  1. loved everything you reviewed! gonna get myself the concealer and perfume atomizer thanks for the reviews babe ! XOXO *muahh*