Trick or Treat or Partay ?!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Ahh yes, not another typical party post from the short blogger,
YES. feel free to be annoyed.
and FYI to those who always think I'm a regular clubber who's desperately in need of party & alcohol,
no I'm not -.-
Attending events are exceptional .... * I suppose ? *
Sorry for the scary introduction I have here as I've heard of some awful rumors going on about me and its absurd because they mentioned my parents & my boyfriend and I don't see how that's neccasary,
If you have problems with me, you can always leave me a hate mail,
don't bring up to people's parents or boyfriend, I'm pretty sure you yourself wouldn't like it if I were to do that to you ;)
Anyways, I will leave this topic to the next post in details.

This post will be all about the annually trick or treat night,
as we teenagers like to refer to Halloween night.
As Halloween isn't really originated from our country's culture,
we don't really go around trick or treating but we do enjoy the crazily scary costumes,
and for girls,
"Halloween is the only festive season where girls can dress up as slutty as they want  and no one will say anything about it" - Mean Girls

But its a different story in Malaysia ><
Carmen Ngo went along with me as well, and she came over for a "make over" session,
Her boyf, Jack, went as Domo in a Domo t-shirt HAHA!
by the way,
all the pictures below are credited to Baby Layrynn * photoshopped by me :P*  because this time its my turn to forget to put in SD card -.-

My kitty cat Baby C no.2 ;D
in case you're wondering, 
both of the friends that I spend most of my time with is named- Carmen. 
gotta seek for more CarmenS in my life as they are all awesomeeeee <3

This is the best photo of my whole suit because I didn't really have a chance to take a full coordinate for the night
Kitty gone wild ! ;D HAHAHA

Baby Layrynnnnn <3

Ms Kuan <3 

Group shot of MHB ! 

Picture with Ethan ! :D

A group with with Leonard ! He was the one that invited us all :)
*I don't even know why I became lightbulb in the middle of baby Layrynn & her boyf ><*

Girls being girls <3
* from the left *

Fione <3
Shelyn <3

 Groupie ! 

And as for me, 
What is my character for the halloween night ?

After photoshopping still got like 20% alike hahaha
Selene from Underworld aka Kate Beckinsale 
couldn't find a latex suit so I went for the latex corset instead :)

I did dress up in the morning for college too !
as me & a few friends sort of said that it would be fun if we do, and we did ! 
Guess who am I impersonating this time ?
Not obvious enough ah?
because of my height right ? -.-

Its Lara Croft :D
I actually think I did a better job for my morning costume than my night 1 :P
just because there's the stupid bag straps that I use as my so called "gears" 

I actually love this shot by Steven

Steven ! 
Oh and guys, if you haven't check out Steven's new production page, 
please do me a favor and view it/like it, 
because he is a really talented student and as a good friend, 
all of us are so proud of him! 
his videos are all so meaningful and totally worth your time viewing ;D

Steven & Zane :)


Thank you David for the awesome "movie effect" picture !! 
I loveeeee it ! 


Anyways, thanks for reading or scrolling through the pictures guys, 
It took me 2 days to finish this post because I actually started writing during midnight and couldn't finish them in time, 
and yet editing the photos is another trouble, 
but I gotta admit that I had fun composing this post and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as me composing it :*


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