Are you trilled for Christmas??

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hello thereeeee
I feel horrible the fact that I haven't been blogging for my own for the past few months,
half of my blog is taken over by sponsored posts and advertorials which I had to balance it out with my daily random post,
and I just think that it isn't my way of blogging so I need to get back on track :)
Since its the sen break now, it is a good chance for me to do things that I want when I have the time to.
I am super duper duper excited,
never been so happy before. . . don't know why *o*
had been shopping for christmas presents for my friends and family
and I'm flying off to KL tomorrow, but when you read this post its probably the next day already.
Well, I had been baking cookies yesterday with Wallace,
and they look & taste UH-Mazingggg !
I haven't been baking for years I think ?
and it really scares me to start mixing doughs again, so afraid to mess things up especially when I'm super excited for would be stupid to disappoint myself
tadaaaaaaaaa!!! <3

I had a few molds for these cookies included christmas tree, angels & of course, we can't miss the iconic gingerbread man :)

This 1 is my absolute favorite among the others because the designs aren't as messy. 
we didn't exactly get designing icing tubes, so we made our own with icing sugar, egg white & lemon juice. 
but we faced a little problem when it comes to squeezing out from the plastic that we made ourselves which I think we cut the hole too big...-.-

This 1 is made my Wallace, WHUT-AYE-SURPRISE. 
Ultra man gingerbread man -.-
He made him because there were some left over dough left, so he felt like customizing his own gingerbread man ;D

I even had my nails done in my all time nail sponsor place, Nail Bar Penang, and I super love it!
It looks so festive, I literally can shed a happy tear :')
Look how festive it is !!!!

My thumbs have snowflakes!!! 

Love how they put 2 different colors for my toes :)

And before I end this short post, I would like to share a mini blog video of me & wallace baking the other day, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am making it. 

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