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Saturday, December 7, 2013

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Handsomeboy Boutique

Hello people ! 
How many of you out there are Kpop fans ?
I know I’m not, BUT I am definitely a fan of their skin care products !! 
No matter is skin care or make up, they all work wonders on our face, 
No wonder all the kpop celebrities got such flawless skin whether they are on stage or off stage :D
However, good things don’t come cheap, so it is always a trouble for me as I’m not earning a lot myself, 

I’ve recently discovered an online store that actually sells Korean skin care product with a reasonable price :D
*Spot Nicole Chang :P *
They not only sell typical Korean brands like 3CE Makeup or Innisfree Its Real Masks, they also bring in brands such as Laneige * MY FAV *, Skin food, Nature Republic & Etude house. 
All of their products are 100% trusted and authentic. 

 I get many many requests on my skin care routines, and also my basic makeup routines, however, I don’t really have time to shoot photos for those yet, 
As you guys know, good things always comes later :P
Actually, I’m having my 2nd semester’s finals now and it is super super hectic and heavy, 
One good way to maintain our skin without any effort is using facial masks more often. 
There are million and zillions brands for facial masks out there but not every single 1 suits our skin nor help or heal them. 
One brand that I had been using for sometime now, and it is a trusted brand from korea,  that is the Innisfree Its Its Real sheet masks. 
I don’t usually praise sheet masks that much as I trust overnight masks more somehow, but this mask really do make my skin feels calm and soothing also more hydrating after every single time I use it !
It comes in many choices, 
And of course, each flavors heals different types of skin problem, 
For example the tea tree 1 obviously heals pimples or acne prone skin, 
The rose 1 is for whitening,
Honey 1 is for rich nutrition, 
Avocado 1 is to calm and soothes the skin I believe…?
These are based on my own logic, because the person that sells these said that its all hydrating, and whatever mask functions are not really important as long as it is hydrating, because having a hydrated skin heals almost everything ☺ * Also my own logic LOL * 
Not to mention, sensitive skin is also suitable to use innisfree masks as my own skin is quite sensitive I would say,
It often get weird patches of skin and rashes but it was fine when I used this mask. 

Anyways, that’s not the point, but the Innisfree Its Real masks are the bomb ! 
 Of course, my favourite 1 has got to be the rose 1 ! 

 Smells too good I feel like eating it right away :P

 These 2 masks are mainly focused on their functions, unlike the Innisfree masks that are mostly just for hydration, 
The 1 in green is “Tea Tree Relaxing” which means its suitable for acne prone skin to heal their angry acne and reduce the redness on their faces. 
The one in blue is for hydration, for those of you that often face problems like peeled skin or skin flaking off, this should be a good mask to heal it once and for all. 

Now, I’ve heard horrible things about black heads, but to be honest, I hardly face any of those problems * touch wood *
Because I cleanse my face according to my routine, and also visit my beautician for facial once in a while to clear all these unwanted bullshits on my face. 
But I do know the EVILNESS of these things, 
Because they’re taking over my boyfriend’s face -.-
And some moredon't ever use nose strips guys ! 
Because it will remove the blackheads harshly and leaving the pores bigger and hence, it will continue absorbing oils and dirt and get more blackheads.
in the end, whats the point of using those -.-
This black head mask is different as it isn't stick on, but it is just like any other sheet masks but for blackheads on nose, so its not that harsh. 
But I don’t have to worry now :P
Because Handsomeboy Boutique saved my boyfriend’s face with these 2 amazing masks

This is the Anti pore Blackhead Clear kit. 
How to use ? 

  1. Cleanse your face with warm water, or even better, steam your face.
  2. Apply basic skin care : Toner, Emulsion(for better absorption)
  3. Apply Step 1 mask on the area with blackheads for 10-15 minutes.  

 4. Remove the mask and wipe the section with the enclosed cotton bud in a downward movement. 
 5. Apply Step 2 mask for 5-10 minutes. 

This is a before after pic of the blackheads around the nose, 
I know there’s not much of a difference in picture, 
But if you can actually see, majority of the blackheads are removed and it looks less messy compared to before. 

I believe after a few times using this product, the blackheads will be gone :P
And of course, I will do another separate review again to see the obvious result ! 

So isn’t it simple yet easy to take care of our skin?
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I hope this post helps solving your facial problems and good luck ☺



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