End of 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

So 2013 had come to an end, 
what have I achieved so far?
did I achieved my goals that I had set for this year ?
We'll find out soon ;)

Let's review the resolutions that I had set for this year ahead and see which one have I achieved:

1. Get into college. [ like duh ] 
2. work my ass off for my online store . ✘ 
3. always keep my blog updated ;) ✓ 
4. not to be as lazy as how I was in high school . ✓ 
5. save money for OUR next getaway . [ you know who you are <3 ] ✓ 
6. be more responsible in EVERYTHING since I have problems with this for 17 years. ✓ 
7. gym every weekend . [ nyehahaha. we'll see how this 1 work out ]
8. sleep at 10 every night [ we'll see about this 1 too :D ]
9. don't spoil my phone AGAIN .
10. Cut off my swearing habit . [ learn to be "atas" abit ] No changes LOL but got improve lah x)
11. Learn how to dress up abit.
12. Improve horrible skin conditions.
13. be nicer than how I usually was :P ( ?? ) --> Actually I'm not sure LOL

so, in total, not counting the last 1 because I'm not so sure, 
I have 7 achieved upon 12, and 5 failed to achieve :)

mai hiam lah okay ? Quite hard to achieve some, 
for example, since now I had entered college, 
according to resolution no. 4, I need to be more hard working, 
so I need to study and do my work on time right ?
this kind of clashed with resolution no. 8, 
you tell me la, how to sleep at 10pm every night when I need to do stuff? 
*makes sense right? so that's not counted as failed HAHAHA super kia su* 

this is my favorite part, 
what is the highlight of my year?
Let find out ! :D

I turned 18, finally legal :)

Went to China, Beijing again :)

Got my first sponsor that leads me to the others :)

Met amazing friends that will definitely accompany me till the end :)
Both of my Carmensssss
Carmen Layrynn <3 my lover from the opposite sex x) hahahaha
please har, I'm not lesbian, 
but I sure as hell love her to death. 
she had been there for me ALL THE TIME, I'm not even kidding, 
whenever I'm sick or sad or happy or mad, 
She's there . 
Just there . 
Still there . 
too lucky to have her as my bestest best friend in my whole entire life !

My little cat lady buddy ---> Carmen Ngo :p
My EDM buddy, 
My food buddy, 
my assignment buddy, 
she had seen every single stupid expression of mine and I really don't mind being me in front of her. 
I am just comfy with people that are as crazy as I am hahaha ! 
Love you lahhhhhhh <3

Turned to red head. 

My first Tattoo

Get a lot of new chances to attend events as a media blogger 
Chivas Night



Generation Beauty Talk

Asahi Miami

Celcom blogger race, 
my team won too :D

Had a MASSIVE hair cut 

Started modeling for online boutiques
Chalotte Katy


Chill & Chic


Coco Rossa

Melody Wardrobe

First commercial video

First Raving experience

First magazine appearance
*Mint magazine for Mindfuck*

First time bleaching my hair and turned into purple head :P

Thats pretty much the simplest way of summarizing my whole 2013, 
despise the color and length of my hair, 
I would admit that this year had been my best year so far, 
and of course, I had my ups and downs, 
of course the 'ups' are more lah since I called it the best year so far :D

there are more bits of tiny detail that are really memorable, 
however I can't really include all of them in here as this post will turn into a freaking novel if I do so. 
If you're nosy and want to about the little events and stuff, 
you can always read back my old blog posts, or follow my instagram and stalk back, 
I believe instagram recorded most of my life so far, 
its my no.1 social media :p

Anyways, I had learnt many things this year, 
I really do hope and have my fingers crossed that 2014 will be a hell of a great year, 
I can't get any more greedy, 
But yeah, 
who doesn't wish for a better year right ?

As for my readers that had followed me since ages ago, 
Do know that I really really really love you guys and am so thankful for your love and support, 
I wouldn't have gone this far without you guys, 
I promise to update super often and of course, with content that doesn't bore any of you out there. 
Just to clarify, I never treated you guys as fans, you guys are all my readers that actually knows my daily life, my personality, and my craziness and of course, not leaving out my typo's out......x) 
calling you guys fans is just wrong because I'm nothing near famous, nor inspirational. 
Once again, thank you for all the support, 
let me know in the comment down below whether should I set resolutions again for 2014, 
or some new ideas of resolutions 
or just anything you want to say ! 
I would love to interact with you guys. 
goodnight guys !