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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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In this 21st century, social medias had became a huge part of our life,
whatever we do, eat, see, love, like, etc. we will definitely share it online with our friends & family.
I'll be introducing you a new application that bring social media and taking pictures to a whole new level.

haven't heard about this amazing new app?
no worries,
I'm here to explain briefly :)

this app is based in Paris, and It offers you the easiest and fastest way to order HD Polaroid-style prints from your smartphone (iOS&Android), Instagram and Facebook. With few clicks, you can send your lovely photos to everywhere you want in the world without delivery fees!
Printic is working well in Europe and America The most fascinating news is they are newly launched in Singapore/Malaysia!
I am so excited and honored to try this app out as I am the first ever user from Singapore/Malaysia courtesy of Printic !
How to use it ?
STEP 1: Snap a picture !
STEP 2: Download the Printic app from App store / Google play


*please ignore the MVI_3292.MOV, this is a screen shot of the mini promo video at the end :)*

You can even add a mini caption for each photos! 

Record down your home address 

You can send another print copy for your friends too ! 
just add another recipient with their address :D

There you go !
Just a few simple clicks to get memorable polaroid printed pictures :)

 Here's a little promo video that me and my friends had film :)
Special thanks to Steven Soon Production 
We had so much fun filming this, 
special thanks to Starbucks Gurney & Brown Pocket Paragon
plus my good friends :
From left:
me, Zane Shun, Carmen Ngo & Steven Soon from Steven Soon Production.

From the video you can see that it is available for you to send to any country in the world as there is a wide selection of country, 
you can even send another copy to your friends as a gift! 

How cool is that ?

Download the app now to save up the beautiful memories <3 ! 

For more info's, do check out their official web page 

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Thank you for reading guys, 
hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed filming it, 
have a good day ! 

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