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Monday, December 2, 2013

Its been 3 months since me & my college mate Carmen Ngo had been raving about Avicii,
and there goes our first rave together, finally experienced it am happy to get ready for our final examination.
I just arrived Penang this evening and I can't believe how crazy we were to actually plan this trip down to KL 3 months ago.
Since a very long time ago people had been raving and crazy about rave parties and me being me, hardly been to one. I mean I love EDM and stuff but I just had this weird thing with crowded places,
one of the reasons why I hardly go clubbing and parties, although I know it could be pretty fun at times. I can't even go night markets, which is quite sad sometimes :(

Anyways, I thought what could be better then watching youtube videos at home than go experience it myself ?!
So me & my friends bought a few pairs of ticket and my boyf drove us down all the way to KL.
We shopped a little bit but we spent mostly on food :P
Anyways, I would love to go in details about this trip, but its 1 am in the morning and it will take me forever to write about it, so I'll be writing mostly on past events in this post.

Just a week ago, a few dear friends of mine called me and we gathered in a new chocolate cafe-Chocolate Passion for tea.
and we just miss how we used to spend so much time together, and just bond.
But nowadays, we're all drifted apart by our own studies and work, which is really really quite sad.
However, we had an amazing time catching up with each other,
and also I discovered my new love !
Chocolate Passion's Chocolate bomb !!!!
It is so amazing till the video of the dessert hits the popular page on instagram :o
The chocolate made me proudddd haahhaha!

 You might recognize both of them from my photoshoot with number9 studio, 

My baby Layrynn !! <33333333333

Darling Nicole <333333

I know its weird that I started wearing caps now because my horrendous roots are exposed to the world, 
but I finally touch up and changed to a brand new color ! 
and this time I actually had to bleach my color off although its really not my choice if I wanted to change my red head. 
One thing about red heads is that the color will not fade easily, however, it is really impossible to change to other colors -.-
hence, there goes, 
my first hair bleaching
It really does hurt like a bitch when it comes applying the roots section, 
so here it is, my lala looking bleached head :D

I actually really liked the baby pink part, 
but my roots were originally black, so the outcome of the bleaching is pure blonde.
I could not wait for the hairstylist to put on the color that I requested for which is 10 times darker than blonde -.-

my new color is purple-pink 
a color that really makes my face look a bit more fair than usual. 

Gotta camphor more while the color's still fresh haha ! 
my new pair of color lenses are so comfy and this is actually the first pair of big eye contact that doesn't disgust me as much. 

Also, thank you DOSS-Do It Simple Style for sponsoring me this awesome DR korean snapback! 
as recently, I am really into snapbacks and caps, 
so if you're into them too, don't forget to check our their Facebook page


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I'm having my finals in a week and I'm sort of freaking out guys, 
so you can actually presume that I'll be procrastinating a lot of posts, and also, 
I want to apologize to most of the sponsors out there that I have yet to promote your items, as I just came back from my short trip and my finals are around the corner, 
I will definitely put them in schedule soon I PROMISE :D
Editing the new promo video that is coming up soon for the new application, "Printic"

Bye guys ! 

Signing off with new hair, 
and new lens, 
and good night :P


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