Sugar Honey

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Had dinner with the girls ( Carmen Ngo + Claudia ) the other day and we brought Claudia & her lil bro to new lane for some hawker food as she had been away from Penang for 2 years.
Not very exciting to write about this post because its all about food and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed that bowl full of Hokkien prawn noodles while I just work out that day.
What. A. Waste. Of. Energy.
But you couldn't really resist the food when you're staying in Penang...
the food here is UH-mazing and cheap,
I'm so jealous of those KL girls who can save their money and get a freaking hot body.
when you live in Penang for good,
you can't really do that.
However, although I couldn't fulfill my dream of getting a freaking hot & fit body,
it fulfilled Wallace Mak's requirements of chubby cheeks :D
totally Pinchable :))

I didn't really snap a photo of what we had that night for dinner because it is really nothing interesting, at least to me it isn't.
but, we did hang out in a new cafe down town and it jussssssst open 1 day before that,
it is the Sugar Honey cafe,
if you are interested to give it a try, it is right next to Mustache cafe in Chulia streets of Penang.

The main thing is, I love how they decorate the place with a touch of Christmas feeling, 
I'm a bit of an obsessed when it comes to Christmas, I love the tradition of present exchanging, 
and the history behind of it..everything about Christmas is just so beautiful. 
This thing actually can move and it is soooooo cute & Christmassy

How can you resist the beautiful lightings? i mean I really just can't sit there and not take a picture of the environment, and if you noticed, there's a bit of noise in my pictures,
that is because I did not bring my Sony Nex out, and I had to substitute it with my iPhone5 camera, 
but it works pretty well too *for the 1st time* 

They even have a creative version of Christmas tree !! how cute is that?? 

One thing about the place that I really love is that the decorations are all so vintage, 
there are even the old oil lamps hanging on the ceiling, 
and some really old pictures on the wall that aren't so scary for the first time. 
I had this weird thought, that everything that is vintage and old is pretty scary, 
because you might not know the complete story behind that object and it might be a little bit filthy....hahahah
this is my first time being comfortable in a vintage decorated cafe :)

And of course, its a self service cafe, they placed the utensils on a few wooden table which has a slight bit of picnic feel.

Well, because it was the 2nd day of opening, 
they had a great promotion of getting a piece of free cake with any purchase of drinks, 
so we ordered 2 drinks, we get 2 cakes for free, 
we ended up choosing the strawberry cake & choco banana cake :)

here are the girls !
Claudia's brother is hiding a side 
had such an amazing time with them and I can't wait to hang out with the girls again 


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