Chinese New Year Prosperity Set Dinner at G hotel

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Well, according to my mouth full of title,
you could probably guessed what my post is going to be about!
As we all know, Chinese New Year is around the corner and people would want to book a restaurant for the prosperity dinner-aka, reunion dinner :)
Unlike most families, my family is considered pretty small, there are only me, mom & dad,
so going to a fancy restaurant for reunion dinner would usually be a little overwhelming for us,
However, this time, we could consider booking a dinner slot in Sesame + Soy Pan Asian Chinese Cuisine, G Hotel.

They are trying something a little bit different this year,
as they count each table by pax and not only restricted for 10 people per table.
So for small families like mine, can consider to give them a try !

During this festive season, there are three decadent set menus for us to choose from,
that is one set lunch menu at RM68++, and two set dinner menus at the price of RM98++ and RM128++ per person.
This prosperity set menu is available daily from 31st January to 14th February.

This is the full list of food for the set lunch

And this is the set dinner list for Set A at RM98++
and Set B 128++ 

We were really lucky to get invitation to G hotel for food testing in Soy + Sesame Pan ! 
Courtesy of Soy + Sesame Pan, we get to test the RM128++ set dinner :D

The first dish served was Riches & Honors Yee Sang :)
*Kwei Fei abalone & norwegian salmon

We even get to "lou yee sang" to mix up all the ingredients together, 
there's a myth saying that the higher we raise our chopstick while mixing this dish, 
the better and luckier we will get throughout this whole new year ! :D

The second dish served was Braised Sea Treasure Chowder
Lobster meat & Bamboo Fungus

Such a delicious dish, it was actually one of my favorite! 

The next dish is a Two Variety Combination, 
Deep fried boneless Chicken w/ Kiwi Dressing
Saute├ęd fried prawn w/ Tomato Butter Cream cheese Flavors

Yes, there isn't any typo for the chicken's name, because the dressing is indeed made out of kiwi, 
kiwi--> fruit
The chef is really creative and he even explained to us that instead of just serving deep fried dishes that are oily and unhealthy, 
he came up with a fresher idea of using healthy fruits for the dressing! 

Assorted Sea Kingdom Combinations
simmered with sea moss and local farm green

I am a person that loves mushroom & vegetable A LOT, 
I just crave for them 24/7, writing about this dish now is making my mouth watering ><
I believe most children are like me, whenever they attend a wedding dinner or any course dinner, 
they will definitely look out for this dish as it is one of the most suitable dish for children! 

Steamed Cod Fish With Hinshinmeji Mushrooms
In supreme soy 
I got to say that the texture of the fish is tender yet not to soft to the extent that is became like mashed potato, 
the texture is just so perfect. Together with the supreme soy, it is a match make in heaven. 

Our dessert served was Sweetened Dried Longan meat with peaches & sea coconut
Ginko nuts & Lotus seed

There is even white fungus in it ! 
It does wonders to our skin :D

They invited the chef in to explain more details to us bloggers and reporters, 
and we really did get to know more about The Sesame + Soy pan 
According to Chef Chiam Choon Heng, 
The style of last year's dishes were more fusion and they change it more towards to traditional style this year, 
He said that the ideas suggested by the boss was that they keep the tradition of chinese food as it is Chinese New Year, so he put his creativeness in to the dishes by adding a new style flavors and dressing like the fried chicken with kiwi dressing. 

Chef Chiam even mentioned that these dishes were meant to serve without rice unless the customers request for it. 
He said that dishes with better ingredients are more healthy and also filling enough as dinner. 

There's even a little G hotel teddy bear collection for each of us in the goodie bag! 
check out my new dark hair color :))

For more info's about G-hotel, 
you can head over to their website at

Sesame + Soy pan is almost fully booked for CNY prosperity dinner!
so walk ins are not suggested, 
make sure to book your table with them 
Contact: +604 238 0000 

Operation hours:
Daily lunch 12pm to 2.30pm
Daily dinner 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Operation hours:
Daily 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Location: Level 1


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