How do you define yourself?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A few months ago, I ran across this amazing video and bookmarked it,
wanting to share it here with you guys along with my opinions and thoughts,
then again, my finals came in my way so I had to put it on hold.
Just an hour ago, I was scrolling my Facebook's news feed and I saw many people sharing a link with the title "World Ugliest Woman",
I didn't want to take the risk and click it because it could be virus or scam since everyone had been sharing it for the pass few hours,
plus, just this afternoon I read a news about Michael Jackson's fake identity and that Neverland just found his body under a train track. They suspected that he died approximately 20 years ago and the guy who "claimed" that he is Michael Jackson is an imposter. *a good story that actually make me bought it*
next thing you know I realized the source was from right after I shared it. How delightful.
This is why I hate using Facebook, people share false message and after several sharing, it will make it seemed....real. :/

I clicked into the "ugliest woman" link anyway, and I found out 2 things,
1. it is not a virus.
2. How the woman defined as "the ugliest woman on earth", is by far the strongest woman I've ever seen in my life, besides my mother.

You will not regret watching this 13minutes video.
This woman, Lizzie Velasquez is suffering from a unknown syndrome that stops her from gaining any weight.
Besides Lizzie herself, there's another woman in the world also has this syndrome.
She not only can't gain weight, she is also partially visual impaired, she only have her left side of her eyes functioning.
Although people look at her the other way, she takes her disadvantages as an advantage,
she even put humor into her talk which I really really admire how strong she is.
She shared about how people criticize her,
and there's a sentence she said that really get to me, she said there was once someone posted a video of her and there's a comment saying "do the world and yourself a favor, and put a gun to your head"
I pfftt.....I can't even imagine how she cope with that. :/
One main thing she had mentioned,
is that we can't let other people define us,
we are not going to lay low and accept what they define us! a shorty? a monster? NO.

I gotta admit that when I first graduated from high school,
getting to know more people,
seeing the reality side of the world makes me feel so insecure about myself.
I'm pretty sure if any of you that followed my instagram or back then,
I received tons of hate messages, hate pages, hate comments. and as strong as I seemed online, *because you can't really see how I reacted there :P*
I wasn't, & broke down on my own.
Watching this video made me realize that there are people with way bigger problems in life and they are living life happier than I am,
she is in much worse condition compared to my perfectly healthy body and yet,
I had been complaining about it,
complaining about my nose, my eyes, my skin tone, my height.....EVERYTHING.

 I feel much more motivated after watching this video,
I really do think that out looks are not as important, it is just a "cover" for our identity,
what truly matters is the person within and him/her's achievements.
it made me want to stuff my achievements up my hater's asshole ;D
There are many challenges in life, but its our learning journey, as long as we are determined to achieve our goals, nobody can stop us or even give any comments about it, because its about YOU, and only YOU, not them.

A 25 year old girl like Lizzie,
is now working on her third book's manuscript already !
3 books !!!
if you were to be in her conditions,
are you able to write 3 books?
Let's not talk about people with this syndrome or any other diseases,
you are healthy and normal right ? Do you have your own written book yet?
I'm so so so inspired by her. Really respect her.

 Here's another video that will probably motivate you to STAY POSITIVE in everything !
what do you think ?
I gotta be honest here and say that this video made me cry, 
in a happy way of course! 
You can almost feel how they feel when they stare at their own mannequins through the glass window.
Spread positivity, stop negativity. 
let me know how you feel in the comments :)
I end this post with a super confident selfie of my bare face xD xD xD
100% not photoshopped *besides the collaging the photos tgt part* , no makeup & no contacts. 
appreciating my asian looking face and healthy body ! 
Have a good night ! 


  1. i would define myself to improve bah~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  2. Followed your instagram a year ago, I never understood why you needed any makeup on. :) Just be yourself, keep it up!

  3. Yeap agree with what u say! Appreciate everything surrounding you ;)