Last Christmas

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello hello !
I'm crazily excited again because its a whole new year and guess what?
the best way to kick start it is celebrating my birthday month !
I'm looking forward to pampering myself for my month and also celebrate with my love ones :)

Anyways, looking back in 2013, I will be sharing about my Last Christmas celebration in KL~
Funny how its only 2 days away from 2013 and it sounded like it ended a long time ago x)
So me & mommy decided to head down to KL to celebrate with our relatives as usual because Penang would be too pack and crowded for any festive season.
The best part is, boyfie and his friends were going down on 25th as well,
so I ended up staying with them after Christmas and have some fun in KL :D
For the first night, we can't do anything much because its Christmas Night, so we just headed to have burger in burger lab and went to the movies in a ulu mall's cinema.
The aircond is so hot I didn't even feel like I was in a mall,
the seats in the cinema were so close to the screen, my. neck. hurt. like. F*.
if it wasn't necessary I wouldn't even swear. -.-
and then we though it would be fun to head over to the twin towers to snap a few pictures since we're staying near by

The girls :)

For the next day, we went over to Sunway Lagoon and play in the theme park till afternoon, 
after that, we were so tired we couldn't even go anywhere else, 
How I wish I'd have a pair of those. 

as we were too tired, so we just headed over to Uncle Jang's for dinner and went back hotel to rest!

Before heading out ;)

Pavilion shopping day !! 

My favorite Line character, 
he is soooo soooooooo FREAKING SOFT ! 
couldn't stop touching him . 
*people might actually think I'm a psychopath who loves molesting teddy bears* 

we went over to Levain for brunch and tea time and I swear to god, that is the best tea time I've ever had. 
Best macarons I've ever had !
Not too sweet :D

I had the seafood aglio olio and me & my friends shared the desserts. 
Later that night we hung out in Grand Hyatt Thirty8 for desserts :)
we even had a little wine just to chill and enjoy our night 
the nasi lemak you guys see above is the lunch of the following day after the night at Grand Hyatt, 
it was our lunch before my friends and boyfie head back to Penang. 
And yes, I was still staying in KL for another day since my mother is still there :)

My outfit of the night is sponsored by Shoploooh
It is an exclusive design and also very comfortable to wear! 

Much loves <3
View of the night and awesome peeps of the night ! 
That's pretty much it for my KL trip, short, simple :)

And of course, what is Christmas without my favorite part right ?
Opening presents :)
I received quite a few presents this year and I love em all !

This 1 is all the way from Hong Kong from my bestest friend in the whole wide world, 
I've been wanting to get one of those make up pouches for myself from Ted baker for a long time, and the Ted Baker in KL was out of stock, boohoo. 
Thank you so much bunnyyyy <3
I hope you like the presents I gave you too :)) 

This set was from my cousin Vanessa, 
I got her the Two Face iPhone 5 cover palette which I also got 1 for myself and will be doing a review for it together with my naked 3 soon :)

This set is from my twin cousin sisters, Ning & Jing.
I am so into scented shower gels and I really really love the scent, 
as you can see, I couldn't resist them during the holidays and already used quarter of it x)

So that's pretty much everything about my Christmas month, 
we'll have to wait for another year when my favorite month comes again. 
Christmas is always best to begin with because I just love the songs, the lights and nevertheless, the presents ;)

till the next time ! 

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