New Hair Chalk Review !

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sponsored Review 

Helloooo beautiful people !
If you had follow my blog since a long time ago, you would probably remember my first ever tutorial which is also a hair chalk tutorial.
i had long brown hair back then and also using the cheaper type of hair chalk which makes my hair look and feel frizzy and dry,
so troublesome, every time need to clean up after dolling up, so tired of being a girl man.
However, I recently received a box of sponsored hair chalk and it is AMAZING.

It took me some time to blog about it as I was waiting to get my hair done, as in back to natural dark copper color, so the bright chalk collar will appear much more vibrant on my dark hair.
I finally dyed is courtesy of Hairtistic Hair Studio! and I LOVE THE COLOUR !

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk 

It comes in four beautiful vibrant color!
included: Hot pink, Electric blue, Fiery purple and Neon green
Hpwever, due to lighting problems, the purple turned into pink and pink turned into orange in the picture ><
*the orange color in the picture is actually pink, it is really really pretty in person !! *

So, what so special about this hair chalk?
it is packed in a little container that allows us to clip our hair in order to transfer the color from the chalk to our hair! 
its has a sponge on the opposite side of the chalk to make the whole coloring process go much more smoother. 

Here's a mini demo, 

 And here is the outcome !! 
It looks blue-greyishhh <3

Is that a fake mini dimple? LOL 

Love my TR ! No need photoshop at all man D: 
Okay okay, enough dy!  too much self obsessed-ness LOL
so what do you think?? 
compared to my last post, which is this one right HERE
this is so much better <3

Thank you @cnl_instashop !!!
Chinese new year is around the corner, do pay their instagram page a visit and who knows? you might actually find something you're interested in :D

 goodnight ! 

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