Random Lookbook

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello there cheerful happy wonderful readers !
that was a mouthful LOL.
I am being random and decided to post about my recent favorite outfits!
as you all know, I am not really considered as a fashion blogger as I do not know much about fashion,
but I do have my very own style,....well, EVERYBODY DOES ;)
so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and film short video of my outfit of the days,
and here are some of the screen shots !

Outifit #1.

Dirty Green Blazer: Kitschen

Booties wedge: H&M 

Beanie: H&M 
Lips: Nars [ Jungle Red ]

Outfit #2: 
Collar tee: Chill & Chic

Bag: Charles & Keith 

 Lips: Nars [ Jungle Red ]
Sweater: Mindfuck 

Shoes: Converse *no shit*
Frilly socks: Top Shop

For me, I think that usually people think that you have to be rich to "be stylish"
But I've once seen a quote:

 Because I know there are people out there who claims that blogshop fashion is not considered as fashion, 
people that wears "inspired clothings" are just cheap fashionista's wannabe's, 
and for them, only the ones who can actually afford expensive luxury clothings like Topshop, Zara is fashionable. 

Yes, they are half correct . 
Fashion can be bought, 
but it will fade. 

However, one's style, is ETERNAL. 
It brings out your personality and not by just following the trend. 

So what if I wear online clothings from head to toe? 
As long as it suits me, and I'm comfortable in it. Why not ? 

Even Chanel's founder, Coco Chanel agrees that you should never give a damn about what others think about you. 
As long as we're happy, that's all that matters :)

I end this post with a short lookbook video of mine :)
credits to Carmen Ngo